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Ready-made Solutions

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Implemented projects

More than 40,000 completed orders over the previous 5 years of operation!

More than 40,000 completed orders over the previous 5 years of operation!

The section "Implemented projects" is under development.
Only for the previous 5 years of operation, Russian strategy LLC (Egoza Plant) completed more than 40 thousand orders for perimeter fencing of various lengths
More than 40,000 completed orders over the previous 5 years of operation!
Balandino airport Chelyabinsk
Troitskaya GRES
Tominsky GOK
Surgut GRES-2

For Government Procurement

We are accredited at trading venues for participation in the government bids.

“Egoza” Works maintains its reputation as a reliable
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Own Warehouse and Perfect Logistic System

Limited liability company “Egoza”, being part of the group of companies “Russkaya Strategiya”, is the biggest manufacturer in Russia of the advanced physical protection means for perimeter security. The Company production area is rather large allowing for manufacture of the barbed wire “Egoza” and panel fencing system “Topaz”. Our products are effectively sold through the Company representation offices (installation sections) and dealer network in Russia and the CIS counties.

  • Convenient location
  • High throughput performance
  • Full-scale product range offered by the Company to reach a comprehensive solution
  • Release of the goods at the date of payment
  • Ability to handle any supply volume
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Own Production of Fencing

The “Egoza” Works offers a wide range of high-quality products, all products are certified attesting that they meet the required quality standards. The Company renders services of installation of protective fencing, which are supported by the licenses, permits and other appropriate documents required for carrying out installation works at all types of facilities.

Among the variety of tasks aimed at security defense of any facility the primary task is protection of the perimeter, since it is the first and most essential element of protection.

Modern perimeter security systems go back to the antiquity. For the majority of people the fencing means an essential attribute and token of the independence and sovereignty.

But we are not about to go deeply in the historical origin and development of the barriers and fortifications; a lot of historical and scientific works have been written about the fortress walls and castles. Throughout the ages protection of the perimeter appeared to be the main defense line, the boundary surrounding the protected facility.

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Our Solutions for You

  • If you need non –standard , made –to-order fencing?
  • If you want your order be executed at the earliest possible?
  • If you are looking for the desired length and size?
  • If you have special requirements for the materials?

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We are able to solve complex problems! We ensure individual approach when you place the order and do our best to comply with your requirements. All you need is to fill in a simple form or order a phone call.
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Get All Services at One Place

Delivery across Russia
Own vehicle fleet, intercity transport services, and delivery across Russia. More than 50 transport companies are among our partners.
We are ready to offer installation services.
We offer a wide range of services for completion of the projects on a turn-key basis, in this the quality is guaranteed.  Our guarantee is supported by the Company membership in SRO and availability of all required licenses and permits.
We are engaged in design and development works.
We have own Design Bureau and design-estimation division. We are able to offer designers standard solutions in the format of design documentation.
As of today the “Egoza” Company is the most recognized manufacturer of physical security means for the perimeter protection   in Russia and one of the biggest manufacturers in the world.

Our Customers

Министерство обороны РФ Администрация гражданский аэропортов РЖД Транснефть Росатом Роснефть Газпром Лукойл РМК Сибур

Metal Fencing “Egoza”

Security of the perimeter of the production facility or private property is ensured by different means. And the best way is installation of the protective fencing “Egoza”, made of quality materials, showing high strength and reliability.

Our Company works in Chelyabinsk, Miass, Moscow, Ekaterinburg ,Ufa, Tyumen , St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia , offering supply and installation services. The product range includes: chain-link fencing, barbed wire , made using the proprietary technology, welded fences, wicket doors, gates and barriers.

Geography of Deliveries

Supply of fencing products to all regions of Russia and “near abroad’

География поставок ограждений Завода периметральных ограждений "Егоза"

Prices of Metal Fencing

The price list specifies average prices for metal fencing manufactured by our Company.

The Sales department staff will help you to make accurate and precise calculation of the product +7 3513 257-111, 257-222, 257-333

Specific Features of the Products by “Egoza” Company

All metal fencing is made using modern production lines which allow to get rid of manufacturing defects and provide for compliance with the technical specifications. To protect facilities from unauthorized intrusion it is possible to build a 3D sectional fence , which can be installed within a short period of time; the performance of such fence exceeds by far all other perimeter protection variants. The barbed wire comprises the steel core keeping stretched the flexible metal strip with sharp edges.

Specific features of the products:

  • The concertina wire easily resists any attempts for changes when unfolded or pressing down.
  • To cut the wire and core of thickness 2.5 mm and more one needs to apply considerable force since it is a rather complicated matter.
  • A wide range of various protective means including net-type, over-hang, mobile and modular structures.
  • Opportunity to create a complete integrated security perimeter comprising wicket doors, gates and barriers.

Strength members are made of spring steel, for manufacture of bands metal galvanized strips of thickness 0.5 mm are used. Use of the certified products ensures prevention of the attempts of unauthorized and accidental intrusion.

Purpose of Use

The prices of metal fencing depend on the dimensions and performance characteristics of the products. The section of the 3D fence is 6 meters high and 3.1 meters wide. The wire is supplied in coils of diameter 400 - 1700 mm. The products are intended for:

  • conducting the anti-terrorism operations;
  • restriction of access to the territory to prevent theft of property or other wrongdoing;
  • protection from street ruffians or vandals;
  • protection of the perimeter of the restricted access facilities , such as landfills, sewage and wastewater treatment facilities, sources of drinking water supply;
  • restriction of access to the production sites;
  • provision for safety of sensitive, secure and military facilities.

Versatility the products manufactured by the “Egoza” Works is one of the factors which allows the Company to gain popularity. Installation of the 3D fences makes it possible to significantly increase the object security and reduce the costs of safeguarding.


In installation metal supports and posts are used; they together with welded panels with the V-shaped bends provide for the required rigidity and stability. When creating the protective contour special-purpose accessory parts and fasteners are used to attain the continuity of the fencing structure. Among the merits of the materials and products one can name:

  • Speedy installation and setting-up, easy removal and relocation to the other place.
  • Convenience in transportation, big volumes of the products are easily placed into transport means with the standard dimensions.
  • Excellent protective qualities in compliance with the manufacturer’s requirements.
  • Affordable price which allows to ensure the perimeter security avoiding wasteful expenditures.
  • Resistance to corrosion and oxidation, long service life.

Our Company offers supply and installation of different types of fencing. We guarantee reliable protection from the unauthorized and accidental intrusion into the protected area. Our qualified specialists are ready to help you to make the right choice.

Most Asked Questions

Is it possible for a private buyer to order a small quantity of metal fencing ?

Please specify how you deliver your products. We live in a small settlement where there are no special delivery terminals?

Customer Feedback

I am in private business.. There was a moment when the question of its protection was particularly serious. On the recommendation of my acquaintances I decided to make a special fencing around the perimeter. The choice fell on the “Egoza” Company. I really was really delighted by a high level of professionalism, prompt execution of the order and reasonable prices.

We are working together for three years, we deliver metal chain-link fencing and assembly components: panels, supporting posts and fasteners to Yakutia (Republic of Sakha).We are happy with the quality of the products. At first we experienced certain difficulties, but now everything is all right. .