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05 November 2018
What is the optimal height of this fence?

The height of the perimeter fence depends on its functional purpose. For fuel and energy facilities, for example, they are set by Government Decree No. 458, and can not be lower than 2.5 meters. The height of the warning fence is at least 1.5 meters. The height varies from 1.1 to 6 meters and is determined by the Customer's requirements and regulations related to a specific type of object.

06 November 2018
03 November 2018
Can the wicket be installed in any type of your fencing?

The wicket set includes two posts, which allows you to install it in any place on your perimeter. An opening is made where necessary. But not every wicket will match every fence structure from the aesthetical point. The problem may be not only in colors and mesh sizes. You see, when making a structure we calculate even the height of the panel bend so that it is the same as the height of the fence bend..

06 November 2018
09 October 2018
What is the time period for installing the fence?

The installation period depends on many factors: climate, terrain, soil composition, complexity of configuration and construction, the number of installers and equipment working on the site. All these factors, respectively, affect the price and time of installation of fences. As a rule, one small team can install more than 100-200 meters of fencing per shift.

10 October 2018
25 September 2018
What is the difference between linear and lever drive?

The difference between such drives lies in the principle of their operation. The lever drive for the swing gates has an elbow type lever, which is driven by a gearbox. The linear drive that we install  has a gearbox that rotates the worm gear, and the automatic gates are opened due to elongation and shortening of the rod. Both types of electric drives are equally reliable.

26 September 2018
25 September 2018
How will be organized the delivery of the fencing to St. Petersburg, Russia?

The order of purchase of the fencing is as follows: 1. You fill out an application with the required characteristics of 3D wire fence. 2. Sales department specialists prepare a quotation and document the deal, discuss delivery conditions; 3. The fencing is made at the Egoza factory, the time depends on the volume and complexity of the order; 4. Shipment and delivery of the fence to St. Petersburg is carried out by the company's own vehicles or by the transport company.

26 September 2018
21 September 2018
Can you make a wicket of any size?

The Company can produce wickets of different sizes. The typical height of the opening is 2 meters, and the width is 1, 1.25 and 1.5 meters. At a height of more than 2 meters, the wicket is equipped with posts that are united in an H-shaped structure, on top of which there is installed an additional panel of mesh panel (or other filling). At the request of the customer, we can make an opening of any size in height (up to 6 meters) and width (up to 3 meters) with a pitch of 1 centimeter. The wings can open both outward and inward, the hinges are installed on the right or on the left.

24 September 2018
17 September 2018
Is it possible to make the non-automatic sliding gates operate automatically?

In the production of electric gates, our Company makes the necessary structural elements of the automatic opening in advance. For example,  a gear rack is pre-installed and adjusted, and mounting seat are prepared for the installation of a specific electric drive that is included in the delivery set. The end user only needs to properly install the gates on site. As for the existing non-automated gates, you will need the services of a locksmith and electric welder to make it automatic.

18 September 2018
10 July 2018
Is such a fence suitable for a summer residence?

3D fencing is the best option for a fence for a summer residence. The advantages are obvious: - ease of installation. It can be done without special skills on your own; - structural durability, high-quality coating does not require maintenance and periodic tinting; - sections of the 3D-fence are easily dismantled during the delivery of fertilizers or building materials for summer cottages; - a wide range of colors. For example, the fence can be ordered in the colors of country houses.

11 July 2018
19 January 2018
How to tighten a straining wire to install SBB (PBB)?

For this purpose, use a wire strainer when installing barbed wire SBB and PBB. It is a kit consisting of an eye-nut, a threaded pin, washers and nuts. The tensioner is installed on reinforced barb arms of the topping. The end of the 2.5-3.0 mm straining wire to be attached to the ring of the strainer. Tightness to be adjusted by rotating the ring of the eye nut. Straining wire sagging is recommended to be under 5 cm. Reinforced brackets to be installed on each 10th fencing post. Straining wire to be attached to the intermediate brackets by specific clips.

Sales department
19 January 2018
09 January 2018
I would like to reinforce  the panel fencing with “Egoza”. The enterprise shares borders with the  residential area. Are there any specific recommendations for “Egoza” AKL installation for such facilities?

It is possible to upgrade the existing fencing with a concertina wire security barrier “Egoza”, however it requires measures on injury prevention. In residential areas, along sidewalks and pedestrian roads SBB to be installed high enough to exclude risk of contact with overhanging wire. If the fencing is higher than 2 meters, it is recommended to mount SBB “Egoza” on Y-shaped brackets on the 3D fencing posts. The second option is to install a concertina AKL on L-shaped brackets to overhang inside the industrial premises. In this case, AKL will be behind the fencing line, will remain safe for bypassers, but effective and clearly visible protection. The third option is to use a flat security barrier that does not protrude beyond the fencing plane. We recommend you to use warning signs and lighting.

Sales department
17 January 2018