High-Security Fence Topaz with Razor Wire

High-Security Fence Topaz with Razor Wire

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Module length
from 500 to 3000 мм
from 300 to 3000 мм
Mesh size
50х200, 50х150 mm
Steel bar diameter
4 or 5 mm
Blade height
18 mm
Galvanized band for blades
0,5 mm
Structural stiffness
V-shaped stiffeners
60х40, 60х60, 80х80 or another
zinc, powder-polymer, hot zinc
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The high-security fence «Topaz with Razor Wire» that has cross bars reinforced with galvanized razor wire is intended to arrange a system of fences at facilities,

where it is required to prevent the possibility of climbing to the area, to provide an aesthetic appearance and the use of spiral and flat «Egoza» security barriers is out of the question.

Advantages of the «fencing with razor wire»:

  • the structure is free from any protruding cutting or sharp parts that could accidentally injure a passer-by;
  • it has a greater deterrent than the standard panel;
  • aesthetically pleasing and not looking dangerous, it does not spoil the appearance of the facility;
  • the installation of the fence takes a short time and does not require special skills;
  • the anti-corrosion coating increases the service life;
  • it saves 30-40% and speeds up the installation because of eliminating corbels, flat and spiralEgoza, tension wire and installation kit.

Description of the fence structure «Topaz with razor wire»:

The fence module is a welded mesh, the upper bars of which are reinforced with galvanized razor wire. The mesh is attached by metal clips to the pre-installed fence posts made of a square section profile. All the elements of the structure are made of galvanized material and painted in any color according to the RAL catalog.

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