“Egoza” is a high-tech manufacturer of the advanced physical protection means for perimeter security.

The production facilities include:

  • Production shop for metal chain-link fencing «Topaz»;

  • Production shop for barbed wire;

  • Production shop for entrance groups and gates

  • Production shop for metal screw piles.

The production facilities are located in Miass (Chelyabinsk Oblast), close to federal highway М-5 «Ural», which is a significant advantage when it comes to logistics.

In production of the metal fencing the Company utilizes two automatic lines for welding of chain-link fencing «Topaz», pretreatment and automatic painting lines.

production of the metal fencingproduction of the metal fencing
production of the metal fencingproduction of the metal fencing
production of the metal fencingproduction of the metal fencing

At the customer’s request hot dip galvanizing of the items made of ferrous metals may be conducted. After proper pretreatment a steel structure is placed into a melted-zinc bath under high temperatures. This allows to obtain the coating of the required thickness from 70 to 120 mcm.

hot dip galvanizinghot dip galvanizing

The welding division is engaged in manufacture of the entrance groups: gates, wickets, supporting posts and other elements of the perimeter security protective fencing.

welding divisionwelding division

There are several production divisions for manufacture of the barbed wire “Egoza” of all modifications. manufacture of the barbed wiremanufacture of the barbed wiremanufacture of the barbed wiremanufacture of the barbed wire

A new facility for production of metal piles of various types and configurations has been launched.

production of metal pilesproduction of metal piles

The up –to date equipment and continuous upgrading of the production facilities ensure compliance to the requirements of the highest international standards. To capture new clients the product range is constantly updated and expanded.

The Company performs shipment of finished products by tower cranes or loading trucks.

The quality management system of the Company complies with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2015 (compliance certificate No.01 100 1334986, valid till 06.07.2020).

The main goals in the activity of the “Egoza” Company” is continuous quality improvement and provision for compliance to the clients’ demands. The Company leadership is fully responsible for promotion of the said policy, is ready to ensure high quality of the manufactured products and to increase effectiveness of the quality management system. And to do this the Company uses such instruments as professional advancement, creation of the best conditions for fruitful teamwork and producing high quality items.

Being involved in manufacture of the wide range of standard products, the “Egoza’ Company is able to offer the client-oriented models for the perimeter security protection. The comprehensive approach provides assurance that each client buying a fencing structure from the “Egoza” Company will have no problems in terms compatibility and integration of the elements and will be able to perform installation independently. One of the best advantages of the Company is complete delivery of the ready for assembly fencing. The complete delivery comprises all the required components starting from the screw piles for the foundation, fence panels, barbed wire and ending with various accessories and fastening hardware! We would like to bring to your attention that such approach is an infrequent occurrence in this country.

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