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900 mm, 1000 mm, 1100 mm, 1250 mm, 1500 mm
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1300 - 2700 mm
Wing profile
60х40х2, 60х60х2
Post profile
60х60х2, 80х80х2
Topaz panel, pipe 20x20x1.5, metal sheet, profiled sheet, flat barbed band fencing
Zinc + powder-polymer, hot zinc
any acc. to the RAL catalog
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The “EGOZA” Works offers for sale wickets in Chelyabinsk with the delivery to Yekaterinburg, Miass, Moscow, Ufa, St. Petersburg and other regions. Customized solutions according to the customer’s requirements, delivery and installation on site, guarantees and technical support, factory gate prices– these are not by far all the advantages of dealing with us.


A wicket is a solid welded frame with a Topaz panel installed in the fence. It is designed to restrict and control people's access to a protected area. In contrast to the door, it has a mesh structure that provides a good visibility of the territory or adjacent area.

The wicket can also be equipped with a mortise or industrial lock, an adjustable pivot, and a door closer. It is possible to provide remote control with integration into the existing access control system (ACS) equipped with a bell, intercom system, electronic digital access lock, wing position sensor. Depending on the design features, the wing can open inwards, outwards, or both inwards and outwards (both to the left and to the right).

Bolt with hinges for a padlock for a chain-link gate


Metal wickets with a mesh have found use in the fences of:

  • Warehouses and storage complexes.
  • State and municipal institutions – educational institutions, hospitals, kindergartens, etc.
  • Industrial facilities.
  • Private facilities – country houses, cottages.
  • Yard areas, playground structures.
  • Sports facilities and grounds, etc.

A metal wicket can be used in agricultural sphere, in housing and utilities sector, in residential areas to provide access to the fenced area. Installation of fences is possible both inside and outside buildings in the open air.


The wickets by the “EGOZA”Works have the following advantages:

  • Various standard sizes and production of customized structures. Products with a width of 900-1500 mm, height of up to 2700 mm are available for sale. It is possible to use reinforced profiles of wings and posts. Here you can order the production of the desired metal wing of the required size.
  • Reliability and Durability. The hot-dip galvanizing technique followed by the application of a powder-polymer coating is used to protect the metal against adverse environmental conditions. It provides for corrosion resistance, long-term operation without special maintenance.
  • Attractive prices. We are involved in the complete production cycle – from the quality control and processing of raw materials to the design, manufacture and installation of perimeter fencing at the customer's facility. The price of our products and services is more than affordable, you do not need to overpay to third parties.

Production of gates with mesh filling for use on the street and in industrial premises

You can always contact our specialists if you have any questions by phone:
+7 800-200-94-95
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By type of opening:

  • outward to the right;
  • outward to the left;
  • inward to the right;
  • inward to the left;
  • outward and inward to the right;
  • outward and inward.

The wicket is supplied with:

  • Gate wing – 1 piece;
  • Wicket post for concreting or on the flange. The number of posts per set – 2 PCs, one of which is with a hinge, and the second one is mating. Upon request, the posts can be combined with lintels at the top and bottom. At the request of the consumer, the wicket, which includes posts with flanges, can be supplied with anchor bolts to attach it to the foundation;
  • Hinges. Mechanism responsible for opening and closing the wicket: standard 25 mm pivot;  adjustable hinge («European» pivot or hinge);
  • Locking bar (door bolt, latch or button), eyelets for a padlock;
  • Lock: padlock, mortise lock, rim lock, locinox;
  • Mechanical door closer;
  • Corbels and overhang fencing made of “Egoza” barbed wire – flat or spiral security barrier.

Depending on the customer's requirements, wickets can be equipped with various types of access control devices and technical security means:

  • intercom, electromagnetic or electromechanical lock;
  • platform or installation box for the intercom;
  • wing position sensor;
  • cable channels (ducts) and pipes for laying cable communications.

Coating and Color:

  • zinc and powder-polymer, additional coating – zinc-rich base coating;
  • hot-dip galvanizing

Color: any color acc. to the RAL catalog depending on the customer's requirements, hot-zinc coating is available.

Standard colors: RAL 5005, 5015, 6005, 7035, 7040, 8017, 9003, 9005, 9011, 9016.

It is also possible to apply coating of any other color according to the RAL K7 color catalog, which contains more than 200 colors and shades.

At the consumer's request, it is possible to manufacture wickets in non-standard sizes and with deviations from standard solutions.

Servicing Pattern

Order creation

Placing order and payment


Shipment and delivery

The wickets are placed on pallets. Cardboard pads are placed between the posts, as well as between the posts and the wings of the wickets.

Wickets and gates are secured on the pallets using packaging polypropylene (polyester) tape. The ends of the packaging material are fixed with adhesive tape to the pallet. At the corners of the pallet, protective corner pads made of pressed cardboard are installed, after that the package is wrapped with plastic film. The number of film layers depends on its type and is determined by the manufacturer.

If the dimensions of the wicket exceed the dimensions of the vehicle body, they are transported in a diagonal pattern in special metal slipways after being packed according to the above procedure.

Wickets can be transported by all means of transport in conditions of packaging safety and protection of products from contamination and mechanical damage.

It is forbidden to transport products with chemically active substances.

Installation should be carried out in accordance with the “Instructions for installation and operation of the perimeter security fence”, as well as in accordance with the company standard product data sheets.

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22 June 2018

Our company operates in the Volga region, we are engaged in construction of petrol stations. Since the internal zoning of petrol stations must be arranged using only non-combustible materials that ensure free ventilation of the areas, we decided to choose 3D fences and wickets by the “Egoza” Works for our projects. These products have a long service life, look aesthetically pleasing, and do not require maintenance. We purchase directly from the manufacturer. Since we have special dimension requirements , we have to wait for  two weeks. However, we do not overpay to third parties. We are completely satisfied with our cooperation.

Maria Erokhina
14 May 2018

We purchased wickets by “Egoza” for a cottage village in Solikamsk. The workmanship is very high, the wickets operate flawlessly. The only thing is that one wicket was delivered without hardware items for the installation of the flange onto the concrete. We contacted the sales manager who helped us to solve the problem and we received  the required components within a few days.

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03 November 2018
Can the wicket be installed in any type of your fencing?

The wicket set includes two posts, which allows you to install it in any place on your perimeter. An opening is made where necessary. But not every wicket will match every fence structure from the aesthetical point. The problem may be not only in colors and mesh sizes. You see, when making a structure we calculate even the height of the panel bend so that it is the same as the height of the fence bend..

21 September 2018
Can you make a wicket of any size?

The Company can produce wickets of different sizes. The typical height of the opening is 2 meters, and the width is 1, 1.25 and 1.5 meters. At a height of more than 2 meters, the wicket is equipped with posts that are united in an H-shaped structure, on top of which there is installed an additional panel of mesh panel (or other filling). At the request of the customer, we can make an opening of any size in height (up to 6 meters) and width (up to 3 meters) with a pitch of 1 centimeter. The wings can open both outward and inward, the hinges are installed on the right or on the left.

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