Flat Razor Mesh (PKLZ) «Egoza»

Flat Razor Mesh (PKLZ) “Egoza”

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Barrier height
2000 mm
Sheet length
10 m
Aperture size (width*height)
150х334, 190х380
Blades, thickness
2,5 mm
Core wire material
GOST (DIN) 9850 or GOST (DIN) 7372 customized
Clips, diameter
0,5 mm
Blade material
Galvanized thin steel sheet band GOST (DIN) 14918
Clips, diameter
2,5 mm
Clips, specification
Low carbon steel wire, GOST (DIN) 3282
Available: 7 000 linear meters
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Available 14 000 linear meters! 

Flat razor mesh is a durable structure, made of “Egoza” galvanized wire which flat elements are connected by metal solid clips or wire. In other words, it is a strong mesh where reinforced barbed tape is arranged into a diamond pattern.

Aperture size is available in options: 190 × 380 or 150 × 330 mm. Customized “Egoza” PKLZ is available in other flat panel height and aperture dimension.

Light and versatile fencing, easy to deliver and install. It is always available at stock in Miass, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Tyumen, Ekaterinburg and Moscow.


The product is a reliable fencing with high anti-climb characteristics suitable to secure civil and military property from would-be invaders. Flat barbed tape barrier is relatively inexpensive, easy mounted and very effective to secure the property and to safe costs of the clients.

Installation and Applications

Installation requires no specific equipment and devices. “Egoza” PKLZ is mounted on supporting posts to be either tubes of various diameter (round, square) or other supporting structures available with the client.

The advantage of the “Egoza” PKLZ is its flat structure to be incorporated in the existing perimeter fencing without overlapping. Impressive barbed fencing has a strong anti-invasion effect. Such security fencing is the choice of the frontier police and oil industry to form buffer areas and restricted areas.


Being available in our sales offices in Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Miass, Ufa, Sent-Petersburg and other regions the product:

  • is relatively light, requires no specific foundation;
  • is easy to install by unqualified personnel using conventional tools;
  • is rather inexpensive, affordable to both corporations and individuals;
  • is delivered in rolls;
  • can be completed with anti-climb toppings;
  • is made of galvanized steel, requires no additional anti-corrosion treatment or coating;
  • allows to design tailored fencing following complex terrain and of vast areas;
  • is resistant to the harmful effect of the environment, no rusting even in polluted areas.

With extensive experience, skilled staff, excellent material and advanced equipment we ensure you to get the best possible results. Any level of customization. All products always meet applicable construction regulations and standards.

Do not hesitate to contact us to get assistance in selecting the required mesh dimensions, way of payment or delivery.

Flat razor mesh is manufactured as per TU 25.93.12-016-99293177-2016

«EGOZA»® is a registered trademark subjected to RF copyright regulations. The owner of the trademark is «“Russkaya Strategiya” (“Egoza” Works, Trademark Certificate (service trademark) No.236050


PKLZ 2000*10000/190*380*2.5/AKL/OTsst:

  • PKLZ (Flat razor mesh)
  • 2000 мм – Fencing height
  • 10000 мм – fencing length
  • 190 мм – aperture length
  • 380 мм – aperture height
  • 2.5 мм – core wire diameter
  • AKL (reinforced barbed tape)
  • OCST - galvanized material


  • PKLZ framed with metal section
  • Framed with angle section
  • Framed with metal rod

Standard PKLZ: adjacent AKL rods are clipped with 2.5 mm wire.

Flat razor mesh«EGOZA»

Packaging and Transportation:

PKLZ sheet is rolled and bound with wire.

PKLZ rolls are stacked in staggered order on the wooden pallets to be strapped with wire or strips.

Flat razor mesh«EGOZA»
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