Typical solutions for the power grid complex

Typical solutions for the power grid complex

Fencing structure for the power grid facilities is mandatory to ensure protection of the territory where high-voltage equipment and power distribution systems are located.

Example of Execution

The fencing is made up from several sections. Each section comprises:

  • Welded wire mesh panels attached to the posts from square section profile. For fastening clips with fastening elements (furniture bolts М6х110 + vandal-proof nuts, washers) are used. The ends of the posts are covered with
  • Additional overhang protectionis made over the top, it comprises special brackets and filling made of  spiral safety barrier «Egoza».
  • Antiburrowing barrier s deepened into the ground between the posts and is secured by steel wire or welding.
  • The gates and wickets may form a part of the structure protecting against unauthorized access of transport or passengers .

Total fence height above ground
not less than 2700 mm.
Mesh Panel Height
2230 mm.
Panel mesh size (width x height)
50 х 150 mm
Steel bar diameter
Ø5 mm
Structural rigidity
V-type curved shapes
Post (profile pipe)
80х80х2 mm, length 3300 mm.
Panel to post attachment
Clip 40х40х2 + furniture bolt M6x110 + anti-vandal nut
Posts installation method
monolithic concreting
Diameter of the spiral barrier
Ø500 mm
Method of installing a spiral protective barrie
on brackets from channel 60х32х4
Antiburrowing barrier
height 500 mm., bar ∅16 mm., mesh 150x150mm.
Protective coatings
Zinc + powder-polymer
RAL 5015 (blue)
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