Concertina Wire Security Barrier (SBB) «EGOZA»

Concertina Wire Security Barrier (SBB) “EGOZA”

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Barrier diameter
400, 450, 500, 600, 750, 900, 950, 955 mm
Coil stretched length
10, 12, 15, 20, 25 m
Spiral turns per linear meter
4; 5; 6,2; 7
Number of clips per spiral
3; 5
Core wire diameter
2,5 mm
Core wire material
GOST (DIN) 9850 or GOST (DIN) 7372 customized
Blade thickness
0,5 mm
Blade material
Galvanized thin steel sheet band GOST (DIN) 14918
Clips diameter
2,5 mm
Clips specification
Low carbon steel wire in compliance with GOST 3282
Designation options
SBB-500, AKL-500, AKL 500/50/3, SBB 500/15/5/3 OTs, KLZ-SA etc.
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Straining wire
Ø1,6 - 4 mm
or concertina wire installation
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Twisted binding wire
Ø1,6 mm
for concertina wire installation
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Wire strainer
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Concertina Wire Security Barrier

Concertina Wire Security Barrier "EGOZA" is made of ASKL (reinforced twisted barbed tape) or AKL (reinforced barbed tape) correspondingly, formed in coils of specified length and diameter, its adjacent coil loops are clipped together alternatively by metal clips in 3, 5 (or more) equally spaced points around the coil diameter. When deployed (stretched) it looks like a barbed ribbed cylinder.

The prototype of “Egoza” Concertina Wire Security Barrier is Dannert wire, which was developed and became widespread during World War I as military-style wire obstacles. Structurally it is AKL or ASKL wire arranged in coils.

Available in options of 3 to 5 clips. The more clips are used, the denser and more rigid the resulting structure is, however the price per running meter also changes.

Besides, Concertina Wire Security Barrier with five clips is more difficult to cut – despite being cut in several points the structure retains its anti-climb properties.

Concertina Wire Security Barrier 500 “Egoza” is mainly installed on brackets on the top of metal fencing or concrete walls. Such type of barbed wire has a strong deterrent effect and finds wide civil, industrial and defense application.

Its upgraded version is huge 1700 mm-diameter structures "Obereg" and Concertina Wire Security Barrier “BARS” for high-security applications. At present Concertina Wire Security Barrier “Egoza” is one of the most effective physical obstacles against would-be intruders.

If you are looking for security barriers, “Egoza” works offers you excellent terms and conditions and the best prices in Chelyabinsk, Moscow, Miass, Ekaterinburg, Ufa, St.Petersburg and other regions!

Concertina Wire Security Barrier

How to calculate spiral loops of a concertina wire security barrier «Egoza»

Density of Concertina Wire Security Barrier “Egoza” depends upon number of spiral loops per meter and number of clips on the coil circumference.

Consumers often ask how to calculate spiral loops of Concertina Wire Security Barrier “Egoza”?

First, you need to learn how Concertina Wire Security Barrier is manufactured. Case study: Concertina Wire Security Barrier 500/15/5/3. The AKL barbed tape is wound on a drum.

The coil has a covering length, i.e. concertina fencing deployed length. In this case, it is 15 meters. So, 5 spiral turns per meter total 75 spiral turns per coil (15 meters * 5 turns).

Concertina Wire Security Barrier

Then adjacent coil loops are clipped together alternatively by 3 metal clips at regular intervals around the circumference. When calculating, note that two adjacent coil loops are clipped.

There are several ways to calculate the spiral loops of a finished product:

  1. When in coil: Count all loops in the coil and divide by the coil length in meters. For example, 93 coil loops. According to shipment documentation or label the coil length is 15 meters. 15 ÷ 93 = 6.2. The coil has 6.2 spiral loops per meter.
  2. The deployed coil length calculation is the same: to count all loops and to divide by coil length in meters.
  3. 3. In case of deployed coil: to measure one meter and to count spiral loops per segment. This way of calculation is not popular. It is difficult to calculate 6.2 spiral turns per meter by defining just one meter.
How to calculate the number of turns in a barbed wire
Sometimes suppliers make the following marking: 500/50/5 – it stands for: coil diameter 500 mm., 10 m covering length, 50 spiral loops per coil, 5 clips per spiral.

Servicing Pattern

Order creation

Placing order and payment


Shipment and delivery

Concertina Wire Security Barrier “Egoza” is fabricated in compliance with TU 25.93.12-016-99293177-2016.

Designation pattern Concertina Wire Security Barrier 500/15/5/3 AKL OTs to be interpreted as follows:

  • Concertina Wire Security Barrier (Concertina Wire Security Barrier);
  • 500 mm - coil diameter;
  • 15 m - stretched length;
  • 5 - spiral loops per meter;
  • 3 – clips per spiral;
  • AKL OTs (galvanized reinforced barbed tape).

Concertina Wire Security Barrier “Egoza” is available in a wide range of types, the most in demand barbed wire is shown in the Figure below.

«EGOZA»® is a registered trademark subjected to the copyright regulations of RF. The owner of the trademark is “Russkaya Strategiya” (“Egoza” Works, Trademark Certificate (service trademark) No.236050

Environmental Conditions

  • relative humidity up to 80% at 25°С;
  • ambient temperature from minus 65 up to plus 70°С;
  • wind speed of gusts up to 50 m/s;
  • rain intensity up to 40 mm/h;
  • exposure to dust, frost and snow.

Material Specification

Barbed wire material specification:

  • Core wire for “Egoza” SBB - 2.5 mm galvanized steel wire, GOST (DIN) 9850. At the customer’s request core wire is available in either galvanized steel rope wire, GOST (DIN) 7372 or galvanized spring wire, GOST (DIN) 9389;
  • Reinforced barbed tape - 0.5 mm galvanized thin sheet steel, GOST (DIN) 14918;
  • Clips 2.5 mm - galvanized low carbon steel wire, GOST (DIN) 3282.

Concertina Reinforced Barbed Tape (AKL)

Galvanized steel concertina AKL is available in sizes: AKL - 400, AKL - 450, AKL - 500, AKL - 600, AKL - 750, AKL- 900, AKL - 950, AKL - 955

"Egoza" Concertina Wire Security Barrier to be transported in compact package. The coils are tightly bound with steel packing straps. Each coil or package bears a label that indicates:

  • trademark “Egoza”;
  • wire or product designation and symbol;
  • coils diameter or package height;
  • covering length of the product;
  • date of manufacture and the manufacturer symbol;
  • specification symbols.

Manufacturer Warranty

The warranty period for "Egoza" Concertina Wire Security Barrier is 12 months from the date of shipment. If installation performed by the manufacturer, the warranty period is 18 months from the date of delivery.

Fencing accessories:

  • Y-shaped bracket
  • L-shaped bracket
  • Straining wire 2.5 mm to be tightened up between brackets
  • Clip to attach straining wire to a bracket
  • Twisted binding wire 1.6 mm to attach SBB to the straining wire
СББ "Егоза"
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06 April 2018

“Russkaya Strategiya” delivered to us barbed wire "Egoza" . Reasonable pricing conditions for high-quality products were offered. Staff of the Sales Department of the Ufa representation office proved their competence by handling our order efficiently and quickly. All ordered goods were delivered in due time. We will be happy to continue further cooperation!

05 April 2018

We would also like to express our opinion. “Russkaya Strategiya”, being our long-term partner supplying SBB, AKL, security panels and other products since 2017,  has proved to be a reliable and responsible supplier providing quality products in accordance with the specified requirements. I would like to note rapid response containing all necessary information and flexible system of discounts.

Antipov Peter Vasilyevich
10 January 2018

I purchased “Egoza” AKL 600 on terms of delivery to Moscow. High quality, good steel, galvanized surface.  It was delivered by carrier within three days. Many thanks to the company’s team for the prompt servicing!

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19 January 2018
How to tighten a straining wire to install SBB (PBB)?

For this purpose, use a wire strainer when installing barbed wire SBB and PBB. It is a kit consisting of an eye-nut, a threaded pin, washers and nuts. The tensioner is installed on reinforced barb arms of the topping. The end of the 2.5-3.0 mm straining wire to be attached to the ring of the strainer. Tightness to be adjusted by rotating the ring of the eye nut. Straining wire sagging is recommended to be under 5 cm. Reinforced brackets to be installed on each 10th fencing post. Straining wire to be attached to the intermediate brackets by specific clips.

09 January 2018
I would like to reinforce  the panel fencing with “Egoza”. The enterprise shares borders with the  residential area. Are there any specific recommendations for “Egoza” AKL installation for such facilities?

It is possible to upgrade the existing fencing with a concertina wire security barrier “Egoza”, however it requires measures on injury prevention. In residential areas, along sidewalks and pedestrian roads SBB to be installed high enough to exclude risk of contact with overhanging wire. If the fencing is higher than 2 meters, it is recommended to mount SBB “Egoza” on Y-shaped brackets on the 3D fencing posts. The second option is to install a concertina AKL on L-shaped brackets to overhang inside the industrial premises. In this case, AKL will be behind the fencing line, will remain safe for bypassers, but effective and clearly visible protection. The third option is to use a flat security barrier that does not protrude beyond the fencing plane. We recommend you to use warning signs and lighting.

21 December 2017
I would like to purchase barbed wire AKL-500-6.2-10. Is there any available? Could you deliver it to Novy Urengoy?

Good afternoon! AKL-500-6.2-10- Concertina wire safety barrier "Egoza" SBB 500 mm coil diameter, 6.2 spiral turns per meter, coil length 10 meters. Available in options of 3 to 5 clips around the coil diameter. Shipment to any destination is possible.

19 December 2017
Hello! I am going to install barbed wire fencing at a civil facility. Could you provide me with cost calculation for barbed wire installation on a combined fencing (metal/reinforced concrete). The perimeter of the facility is about 250 meters. What is the price for installation services? Concertina wire and angle sections have been bought. Otherwise, what is the price per meter? Thank you in advance.
15 December 2017
Hello, I want to buy  “Egoza” products , could I save money when buying from you company?

Good afternoon, Maxim Sergeevich! The most cost-effective option of our product range is SBB with coil diameter of 400 mm and 4 spiral turns per meter. Please, order position SBB 400/10/4/3-i.e. AKL-400 mm coil diameter, 10 meters covering length, density - 4 spiral turns per meter, 3 clips around the coil diameter. For your convenience we deliver by carrier and on our own to any region of the Russian Federation and abroad.

30 November 2017
Are there any GOST standards for “Egoza” concertina wire safety barriers?

There is no specific GOST standard for “Egoza” concertina wire safety barrier. Sometimes manufacturers and dealers mislead customers by specifying GOST standard of the core wire after the brand name. Therefore, when buying barbed tape AKL or SBB, PBB or PKLZ barriers, please, pay attention to the marking and if it indicates GOST, it is worth checking. “Egoza” Works  produces barbed wire in accordance with the technical specifications TU 25.93.12-016-99293177-2016 (new, to replace TU-1211-015-49144638-2011).

11 October 2017
What is the difference between AKL and ASKL tapes?

AKL stands for Reinforced Barbed Tape. This is a special profile galvanized tape, 0.5 mm thick, with double-edged sharp barbs arranged symmetrically on both sides. The tape tightly covers a galvanized steel rope wire of 2.5 mm in diameter. AKL is fabricated by wrapping the barbed tape over the core wire. ASKL stands for Reinforced Twisted Barbed Tape, similar to AKL, a galvanized tape with barbs is used, but in this case, it does not wrap the steel core wire, but twists around it. Today, AKL tape is considered more advanced, widely spread and reliable.

09 October 2017
What is the standard SBB coil stretched length (concertina wire “Egoza”?)

There is no standard SBB coil stretched length. We offer a range of 10, 15, 20, 25 meters. Since the plant is a full-cycle manufacturer, we offer the best terms and conditions for our clients including customized SBB coil length.

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Compliance Certificate for barbed wire “Egoza” (252 KB)
Example of technical specification for SBB “Egoza” (54 KB)

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