Antiburrowing Devices

Antiburrowing Devices

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Height of the antiburrowing barrier
500, 600 mm
Length of the antiburrowing barrier
1000, 2500, 3000, 3100 mm
Bar diameter
Ø16, Ø14, Ø12, Ø10, Ø8, Ø5, Ø4 mm
Mesh size for bars Ø16 - Ø8 мм
100х100, 150х150 mm
Mesh size for bars Ø5, Ø4 мм
50х200, 50х50 mm
Antiburrowing barrier made of barbed wire
PBB Ø500, PBB Ø900мм
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The Antiburrowing Device is an additional physical barrier that is installed under the main fencing. The antiburrowing barrier is a physical barrier – a grid or barbed wire that is installed between the supporting posts of the fence and goes deep into the ground. The antiburrowing fences are necessary to prevent unauthorized intrusion into the restricted area by digging under the main security fence.

The antiburrowing barrier is used a part of perimeter security fencing systems. The“Topaz”fencing systems are recommended for use at the facilities of the fuel and energy complex and nuclear complex, as well as at high-priority, sensitive national facilities.

Antiburrowing Devices

The principles of operation of the antiburrowing devices used in our perimeter security fences are:

  • active – a physical fence with an alarm element;
  • passive – just a physical barrier.
  • embedding the main panel of the “Topaz” fencing;
  • embedding an additional panel of the “Topaz” fence;
  • flat security barrier of “Egoza”;
  • welded grid of metal bars

Passive Antiburrowing Devices

Antiburrowing barriers as part of perimeter security fences by the “Egoza” Works are available in four variants and can be made of:

  • bars 8 мм - mesh size 150х150 мм; 100х100 мм;
  • bars 10 мм - mesh size 150х150 mm; 100х100 mm;
  • bars 12 мм - mesh size 150х150 mm; 100х100 mm;
  • bars 14 мм - mesh size 150х150 mm; 100х100 mm;
  • bars 16 мм - mesh size 150х150 mm; 100х100 mm; 
  • bars 5 мм. - mesh size 50х200 mm; 50х50 мм;
  • bars 4 мм. - mesh size 50х200 mm; 50х50 мм;
  • of barbed wire “Egoza” 500 mm или 900 mm.

Typical Sizes:

Height (H) to be selected from the range: 500, 600 mm.

Width (S) to be selected from the range: 1000, 2500, 3000, 3100 mm.

The antiburrowing device is protected against corrosion: base coating GF-021 (ГФ-021) acc. to the GOST (DIN) 25129-82 standard or powder-polymer coating of any color according to the RAL catalog or hot-dip galvanizing at the request of the customer. The coating is applied to the assembled product, which guarantees its anti-corrosion protection, including at welding points of the bars.

The antiburrowing barriers as part of metal mesh fences are arranged to prevent trespassing into the protected area below the level of the leveled land of the perimeter security fence. The antiburrowing devise is installed between the posts as an extension of the welded panel under the ground.


Where antiburrowing barriers are used:

Protecting facilities against unauthorized access by means of digging is a world practice. Similar measures are provided for at a number of high-security facilities that are subject to increased security requirements.

  • facilities of the fuel and energy complex, nuclear high-security facilities (military facilities, hazardous industrial and energy production sites, industrial production sites with the restricted access regime, closed industrial areas, closed administrative areas);
  • private properties.

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