Standard solutions for «SIBUR»

Standard solutions for «SIBUR»

Perimeter security fencing is intended for arrangement of the restricted area at the oil and gas facilities of “SIBUR Holding” in accordance with the requirements of the current normative documents and Resolution of the Government of Russia No.458 dd.5th may 2012 «On Approval of Rules for ensuring safety and antiterroristic security of the fuel and energy complex”.

Example of Execution

The fencing offered for “SIBUR Holding» represents ready for assembly structures comprising all elements and fastening hardware required for perimeter protection, made with consideration to the corporate identity and colors.

Each section of the site perimeter security protective fencing for “SIBUR” comprises:

  • L-shape post from square section profile which is installed by welding the flange with the gas pipe. The foundation is made from metal screw piles;

  • filling: welded wire-mesh panel “Topaz”  with stiffeners which is attached by U-shape clips to the posts using bolted connection;

  • additional overhang fencing – flat safety barrier, installed on the upper part of the post with inclination of 45 degrees ; 

  •  fencing is fitted with entrance groups – wickets, sliding and swing gates of the required design .

To make a footprint detection zone the buffer fencing from metal wire mesh “Topaz”, spiral and flat barriers, AKL tape or other material is installed

Total fence height above ground
not less than 2700 mm.
Mesh Panel Height
2330 mm.
Panel mesh size (width x height)
50х150 mm.
Steel bar diameter
Ø5 mm.
Structural rigidity
V-type curved shapes
L-shaped, pipe 60x60x2 mm.
Posts installation method
to pipe + screw piles
Panel to post attachment
Clip 40х40х2 + furniture bolt M6x110 + anti-vandal nut
Flat barrier height
500 mm.
Protective coatings
Zinc + powder-polymer
Panel color / Color of post, bracket
RAL 5021 (blue water) / RAL 9006 (white aluminum)
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Examples of execution

The fence configuration depends on the customer’s requirements, the statement of work or respective design solutions.

The “Egoza” Works is ready to offer different types of configurations for metal wire-mesh fencing considering the specific features of each and every “SIBUR” facility.

Modern fencing structures from metal panels “Topaz” make it possible to install an efficient barrier along the perimeter of the facilities of the fuel and energy complex within a short period of time and at low cost , on condition that a correct approach is called for and the project is developed with due account to the local specific features and safety conditions.

All types of fences may be equipped with technical security means among them with capacitive, infrared and vibrations sensors.

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