​ Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire “Egoza”

Since 1992 our Company is producing barbed wire “Egoza”. In the course of its operation the “Egoza” Works accumulated a lot of experience on how to manufacture the products intended for perimeter security. High quality of protective fences with sharp and cutting edges allowed the Company to become a recognized leader in this area. Now we are happy to offer a wide range of the Company products to all interested persons.

​ Product Specific Features

Being original manufacturer we release the products under the brand which is the registered as the internationally recognized trade mark. Different modifications of the barbed wire “Egoza” comply with TU 25.93.12-016-99293177-2016. In production of the standard items the Company strictly observes the requirements of GOST (DIN) 285-69. The products are not expensive and show excellent protective properties and long service life due to resistance to the negative impact of the environment . We sell barbed wire in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Miass, Ufa, Tyumen and other regions, it is recommended for making safety barriers protecting all types of facilities.

Facilities and territories:

  1. Production enterprises.
  2. State borders of the Russian Federation.
  3. Power generating stations, airports, airdromes.
  4. Sites intended for consolidation, distribution and dispatch of cargoes.
  5. Military defense facilities.
  6. Areas of extraction of mineral resources.
  7. Other facilities with restricted access.
  8. Private country houses.

The barbed wire contributes in creating of the formidable obstacles of different sizes. Protective means are placed directly on the surface or mounted onto other barrages, roofs, walls, gates.

The price of the barbed wire “Egoza” is a significant advantage, it also provides for the adequate level of visibility. The protected territory is clearly visible, thus excluding the possibility of hiding when attacking the protective means and intrusion into the site.

The wire is the proper product for physical defense of the perimeter. Flat and spiral-coil items aimed at protection of the site provide for different ways of installation:

  • on the roofs, on the top as a shield;
  • on the special-purpose posts in several layers;
  • on the supports with wire strainer every 10—15 sections;
  • for safeguarding the territory through prompt build-up of the movable protective barrier.

​ To Know about the Price and​ Order Online

The price of the barbed wire depends on the product type and the ways of installation of the protective barrier and the product volume needed for proper protection.

We are ready to sell and deliver to the place of installation any quantity of the wire products. Sales department staff will help you to make the right choice, place the order and effect payment.

The Company has a wide network of representation offices in different regions of Russia. The specialists are ready to give consultations, process orders and deliver the goods to the clients. Various departments ensure high quality and prompt servicing of the clients.. The Design Bureau , production and technical maintenance divisions, logistics department are always at your service.


I would like to express my gratitude to Valery N. Yeskov, the Company leading engineer , who helped us to make the order for the barbed wire , calculated required volume and closed the deal. Our warehouse is located in the industrial zone of Chelyabinsk and reliable protection of the site form intrusion of malicious penetrators is the key task. Together with the alarm system on the building we decided to use the barbed wire at the perimeter. Not to pay extra we decided to buy the product directly from the manufacturer. I selected the “Egoza” Works. I was not quite sure that prepayment was a good idea. However, since the Works is a reputable company, I decided not to worry about the risks. Now I am fully satisfied, cause the products were delivered right to “the door” and all required accompanying documents and certificates were enclosed.

I made order for the barbed wire “Egoza” for my country house. The wire turned out to be rather good and protected our place twice from intrusion of thieves. It appears that it is not so easy to cut the wire. It also helps that we use the sufficient quantity to protect the perimeter. The only thing I did not like was long waiting while the order was processed by the manager. Well, as for the wire, I am really happy!

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