Reinforced barbed tape AKL 500

Reinforced barbed tape AKL 500

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Loop diameter
500 mm
Coil length
10, 15, 20, 25 m
Barb thickness and material
0.5 mm, band GOST (DIN) 14918
Loops clip
Clip 2.5 mm, GOST (DIN) 3282
Number of clips per spiral
3, 5
Spiral turns per meter
4, 5, 6,2 ,7
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Reinforced barbed tape

Reinforced barbed tape (AKL) – concertina steel tape, blade thickness 0.5-0.55 mm. Loop diameter – 500 mm, indicated in the product designation. Blades are spaced along the strip on either side. Barbed wire specification: low carbon or spring steel, galvanized to improve protective properties against corrosion in the open air.


Barbed wire AKL 500 is designed as security barrier for restricted or hazardous areas, industrial areas, and private property. Reliable and reinforced structure makes it ideal for preventing easy access to hazardous facilities. The fencing is installed either on the top of the existing fence or on the ground or stacked in one or two rows.

Reinforced barbed tape

Advantages and Characteristics of “Egoza” Barbed Wire

AKL-500 makes intrusion a very difficult and painful experience. Trying to cut through the AKL concertina, a would-be intruder becomes more entangled. It is difficult to release from concertina loops without assistance. So security service has enough time to respond to intrusion alarm.

These properties make steel barbed tape AKL-500 an effective perimeter barrier in private and industrial construction. The key properties are:

  • High deterrent properties.
  • Durability (service life up to 25 years) – due to corrosion resistance coating and hard steel core.
  • Simple installation, does not require a big work team
  • Inexpensive, perfect choice to construct long perimeter fencing.
  • Designed to construct high fencing.
  • Low coil weight, easy delivery.
  • Wide view of area through the fencing ensures timely respond and well-aimed shooting.
Reinforced barbed tape

The most popular types of “Egoza” wire – AKL and ASKL (differ from the old barbed wire by metal rope core). Compared to competitors AKL is more rigid, combining perfect security and anti-climb properties with esthetic appearance. Steel rope is difficult to cut with standard tools.

AKL 500 is manufactured by its winding on a specific drum where adjacent loops are clipped together to create concertina shape and to limit stretching, thereby making it difficult to climb over. Less loops due to 3 clips instead of 5 clips decreases the barbed tape fencing price. It is possible to manufacture customized product with specified number of spirals per meter and clips on the circumference.

Robust Metal Fencing

The company has been present on the market of the city of Chelyabinsk for 26 years. This makes us a stable and reliable partner. We can find the best solutions for each customer under the most suitable terms and conditions. We can produce security fencing of specified diameter and shape along with standard product to be delivered directly from the works and handle urgent orders. Our team is ready to discuss your security needs in Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Miass, Ufa, Sent-Petersburg and other regions. Call us for proven quality and quickest turnover time!

«EGOZA»® is a registered trademark subjected to RF copyright regulations. The owner of the trademark is «Russian Strategy» LLC (“Egoza” Works, Trademark Certificate (service trademark) No.236050

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