Chain-link Fencing

Chain-link fencing

Fencing the territory

The “Egoza” Works manufactures protective fencing for site perimeter security and other metal structures which are essential for execution of the projects related to perimeter security of different strategic facilities in Chelyabinsk.

Description of Perimeter Security Fencing

Perimeter security fencing constitutes the means of the physical defense at the perimeter comprising the barrier itself ( different shapes made of barbed wire “Egoza” ,welded panels of «Topaz» fencing), providing for the possibility of installation of various types of the over-hang fencing and antiburrowing devices.

Perimeter security fencing is a permanent structure intended for prevention or avoidance of the unauthorized access of pedestrians and vehicles to the facility , and for detaining unauthorized intruders for such period of time which is required for response of the guard force patrol. Perimeter security fencing may serve both as physical protective barrier and as preventive see-through fencing.The fences for enclosing the facility within the boundaries are made of metal wire mesh , reinforce barbed wire and bar fences.

Chain-link fencing is placed on the reinforced concrete foundation or screw piles among them with digging-in to prevent the attempts of undermining. Additional protection representing the anti-climb over-hang element is placed on the topping. For the wicket doors the locking mechanism is provided. One can also use Perimeter security fencing for isolating certain areas inside the facility which are most critical or vulnerable. At the transport checkpoints in Chelyabinsk swing gates and sliding gates. If necessary the gates are equipped with the blocking members when closed and power-actuated units for remote control. Special fasteners for mounting to the walls or roofs of the buildings adjoining the site fencing or forming part of the perimeter can be envisaged in the design.

Temporary fences may be equipped with technical security means among them with capacitive, infrared and vibrations sensors. The fencing design provides for placing of control and power cables , brackets for mounting surveillance cameras, lighting gear and equipment for remote control of the guard working around.


Fencing objects
  • ease of installation;
  • convenience in transportation;
  • low operational costs and aesthetic appearance;
  • resistance to environment;
  • useful life not less than 25 years.

Protection from Corrosion

The initial protection of structures from corrosion begins at the design stage and involves observance of such requirements as integrity of welded joints and absence of clearances and gaps in the aggregating elements where crevice corrosion and other types of local corrosion can be developed.

To ensure long-term protection from corrosion of the elements of the perimeter security fencing the multistage surface treatment is carried out:

  1. Shot blasting which provides for elimination of oxides from the base metal surface and dirt accumulation.
  2. Degreasing the surface.
  3. Washing with industrial water.
  4. Surface phosphatization.
  5. Washing with demineralized water.
  6. Applying zinc-rich primer with the adhesion degree not lower than adhesion strength group I according to GOST (DIN) 15140-78.

Prior to painting surface preparation is made in accordance with GOST (DIN) R ISO 8501-1-2014 degree of preparation Sa 2 1/2.

At the customer’s request hot dip galvanizing according to GOST (DIN) 9.307-89 for the items made of ferrous metals may be conducted, this makes possible use of the fencing in the aggressive environment.

Metal structures which will be welded at the site are not painted. Corrosion protection of the structures shall be anticipated in the design solution. The type of anticorrosion coating shall be stated in the Specifications.


ИЗПО (IZPO)–site perimeter security protective fencing

КЗР (KZR)- overhang fencing

ПУ (PU)– antiburrowing device

ПС (PS) – welded panel

Normative Documents

Perimeter security fencing, which is used in Chelyabinsk for physical defense of different facilities, is designed in accordance with the requirements of the current normative documents , in particular:

  • Federal law No. 256-FZ dd. 21st July 2011 of the Russian Federation “On Security of fuel and energy complex”
  • Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 458 dd. 5th May 2012 "On Approval of Rules for ensuring safety and antiterroristic security of the fuel and energy complex”.
  • Guidance document of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RF 78.36.003-2002 "Engineering and technical security. Technical security measures. Requirements and norms of design works aimed at protection from criminal trespass".
  • ОТТ-13.310.00-КТН-156-10 "Technical means for security. General technical requirements".
  • SТО Russian Railways 1.02.018-2009 "Safety of high-speed railway transport ".
  • SТО Russian Railways 03-001-2014 "Services rendered by Railway Company".
  • SТО Russian Railways 1.07.001-2007 "Infrastructure of St. Petersburg-Moscow railway line for high-speed rail. General technical requirements”.
  • Order No.2559р dd. 13.12.2010 of Russian Railways "Requirements to fencing of the railway tracks to prevent accidents among the civilian population".
  • "Technical (functional) requirements to technical security measures, technical means for security for protection of the objects of the Armed Forces of Russia of the I, II, III categories" dd. 03.02.2016.

Perimeter security fencing manufactured by the group of companies “Russkaya Strategiya”may be used both as a whole complex and separately as specified by the respective technical specifications.

Parts and Components of Perimeter Security Fencing

  • metal chain-link fences manufactured in accordance with TU 25.11.23-014-99293177-2016;
  • additional overhang fencing and antiburrowing device , manufactured in accordance with TU 25.11.23-014-99293177-2016;
  • barbed wire «Еgoza», manufactured in accordance with TU 25.93.12-016-99293177-2016;
  • barbed wire (grooved and single-base), manufactured in accordance with GOST (DIN) 285-69;
  • steel screw piles , manufactured in accordance with TU 5260-015-99293177-2015.


It is a practical purchase. We bought the fencing to protect the restricted area from the unauthorized intrusion since there are a lot of pedestrians and vehicles round about. It is remarkable that it is easily installed, prevents intrusion and does not require specific maintenance. Making regular checks we do not find any perimeter integrity faults. After several months the fencing is in the satisfactory condition and ensures full protection of the restricted assess facility.

There arose a need to replace the old fencing around the perimeter of the fuel and energy complex by a new one. We made order for the chain-link fence with barbed wire installation. The specialists engaged in the installation works were thoroughly familiar with specificity of installation in the difficult terrain. It is good quality flawless job.

I have purchased chain-link fence in Ekaterinburg I suggest you do the same. The coating quality is good and I am quite happy about the price. No problems with installation and delivery.

I bought in “Egoza” 75 meters of chain-link fencing of height 1.7 for my country house. The quality is excellent. Supereasy to put together like LEGO. I really appreciate professional approach, politeness and friendliness.

Letter of Thanks: The limited liability company “Egoza” represented by Aleksandr A. Zemlyanitsin , the General Director , is our partner in the area of manufacture of metal fencing made to the specific order of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2018 for the facilities of the Defense Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During our cooperation the limited liability company “Egoza” demonstrated the high level of professional competence and alertness in solving the tasks set. Supply and all other activities are carried out within the specified time schedule with the proper quality. The Company employees perform their duties in a seamless manner. LLP «SK ZIT» expresses its gratitude for the cooperation. T. Alibayev, Director of LLP «SK ZIT».

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