Reinforced barbed tape AKL 900

Reinforced barbed tape AKL 900

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Coil diameter
900, 950 или 955 mm
Coil length options
10, 15, 20, 25 m
Spiral turns per meter
4, 5, 6, 7
Core wire
2.5 mm, GOST (DIN) 9850 or GOST (DIN) 7372
Barb thickness and material
0.5 mm, band GOST (DIN) 14918
Loops clip
Clip 2.5 mm, GOST (DIN) 3282
Number of clips per spiral
3, 5
Designation example
AKL 900, SBB 900, SBB 900/15/5/5 OTs, AKL 900/40/3, Egoza 900
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Reinforced barbed tape

Reinforced barbed tape fencing is highly reliable and is perfectly used where perimeter control is necessary. It is extremely hard to penetrate due to its capability of inflicting serious injury.

Barbed Wire Specification

AKL 900 comprises reinforced high tensile core wire of 2.5 mm in diameter and a strip with sharp steel blade clusters on both sides clinched over the core wire. The product is delivered in coils of 900 mm and 955 mm in diameter. The product is certified and included in the supply list of many fuel and energy and industrial companies.

Product Advantages and Properties

Reinforced barbed tape benefits:

  • The blades are designed to have a piercing and gripping action. These properties make it perfect fencing for perimeter control or protection from intrusion.
  • By installing reinforced barbed tape security fencing, one is sure to have taken excellent security measures. It is nearly impossible to cut it with standard tools. Climbing over it on flooring is definitely a failure due to high risk to fall between loops and become entangled.
  • AKL-900 and AKL-955 is made of galvanized materials. Specific coating protects metal from corrosive environment to make the fencing structure serve for decades.
  • Compared to other fencing types AKL-900 is relatively inexpensive.


Reinforced barbed tape

Impenetrable barriers, either flat or 3D, surround any facility that requires perimeter security. They are installed along the perimeter of industrial sites. In such cases, concertina AKL can be attached on the top of the existing metal or concrete fence, on the building roofs or on the ground. Combination with intrusion detection systems improves protective measures.

Barbed wire fencing is designed for protection of restricted areas. The task is to create an obstacle against penetration to the site and to keep the intruder entangled so that the security service has enough time to arrive. For this purpose a concertina barbed tape is arranged as fence topping or put in rows on the ground with adjacent coils clipped together.

AKL 900 is often used to secure construction sites. It is a good solution to install effective temporary fencing to protect construction project and withstand stealing of construction materials.

Barbed wire fencing is widely used for protection of private property such as summerhouses, cottages and pastures. Decoration with flowers will make such high-security fence look a bit aesthetic.

Contact our representative offices in Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, St.Petersburg, Miass, Ufa, Tyumen ad other cities. Our range of product is manufactured under all applicable standards and regulations. Our product is relatively inexpensive and extremely effective and proven to be a very reliable anti-penetration solution.

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