Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates

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Wicket height
1000 - 3000 mm
Driveway width
2000 - 6000 m
profiled pipe 60х60х2, 80х80х2 mm
Wing filling
Topaz mesh panel, square tube, profiled sheet
П-shaped posts
profiled pipe 60х60х2, 80х80х2, 100х100х4 mm
Electric drive
Came, Doorhan, Nice, An-Motors, without drive
zinc+ powder-polymer, hot zinc
any color acc. to the RAL K7 catalog
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Sliding gates

The “EGOZA” Works offers sliding gateson favorable terms. Own production in the Chelyabinsk Region, delivery to any region of Russia, manufacturer's price, ready-made solutions and development of customized structures – these are some of the advantages which we offer to our clients.

Design Features

Automatic sliding gates are a sliding type structure equipped with an electric drive. At the request of the customer, we produce gates without automatic controls. The movement of the wing is possible thanks to a roller system. The electric drive is selected according to the weight of the wing. The wing itself can consist of modules of any size. Structurally, the system based on sliding wings is the simplest and most durable.


Sliding gates are widely used in systems of control and restriction of access to the territory of high-security facilities, protected public and private facilities.

Sliding gate leaf with mesh panel filling

Sliding structures may be rather interesting to the industrial facilities – plant areas, ports, water treatment plants and power plants, processing enterprises, warehouse complexes, solid waste landfills, etc. It is also possible to install sliding systems at the entrance to the area of commercial facilities – markets, shopping centers, areas for unloading goods of supermarket chains.


Sliding gates with electric drives have the following advantages:

  • Maximum space savings. Access does not require free space in front of and behind the gates, as different from the swing structures. Compared to the lifting mechanisms, there is no need to install the drive above the gates.
  • Automatic opening and closing. Control is possible directly from the security lodge, from incoming/outgoing vehicles using remote control. It is possible to equip the gate with obstacle sensors to prevent false closing during the passage of a vehicle or people to the territory, to integrate it with license plate recognition systems for automatic activation.
  • Reliability. Thanks to its simple design, the automatic gates are reliable and durable. There is no need for expensive maintenance of the drive.
  • Affordability. Low price of sliding metal structures restricting the access to the facility is also one of the advantages.

The sliding gates are produced in accordance with the technical specifications and requirements of the customer. It is possible to equip the structure with additional sensors, cameras, license plate recognition systems, integration into the existing ACS. Thanks to the possibility of installing a powerful electric drive, there is no specific restriction as to the maximum length/height or weight of the wing.

Contact our specialists to specify prices of sliding gates or to buy a ready-made option in Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Miass, Ufa, St. Petersburg or order delivery to any region of Russia, +7 800-200-94-95. Contact us!

Servicing Pattern

Order creation

Placing order and payment


Shipment and delivery

By the type of filling the gates are classified into:

  • sliding mesh gate with Topaz panel from the manufactured range;
  • sliding grid gate with vertical 20x20x1.5 pipes;
  • as well as metal sheet, profiled sheet, flat barbed band fencing;

The automatic sliding gates with electric drive are intended for arrangement of points of entry and exit of vehicles at enterprises, warehouse and industrial areas and structures, territories of plants, private, public and industrial facilities.


Depending on the customer's requirements, sliding gates can be of non-standard sizes and fitted with an overhang fencing made of “Egoza” barbed wire and with various types of access control devices: an electric drive of the wing with remote control, an electromagnetic lock with a set of keys, sensors of the wing position, a set of cable channels for the underground installation and installation on the wing.

The main components that constitute the sliding gates are:

  • base made of structural channel and rebars of Class AIII (underground part of the gate);
  • load-bearing beam with a cross section of 95x88 mm;
  • wing made of square or rectangular profiled pipe;
  • frame filling: welded panel or profiled pipe with a square section of 20x20 or round pipe 20mm;
  • guide and receiving posts of profiled pipe with a cross section of 80x80x3 mm. On the receiving side, there is a post with gate catchers for fixing the leaf in the closed position. On the feed side, the П-shaped post is reinforced to take the weight of the wing when it is moving;
  • movement of the wing is provided by a motor gear (electric drive) that drives the lower inner roller.

The sliding gates structure also includes the following elements: posts, clips, hardware.

The automation kit for sliding gates is selected for each specific project, taking into account the total weight of the gates and other parameters, including the specific features of the facility and operating conditions. At the request of the customer, the electric drive may not be installed and the opening can be provided manually, which is not difficult as the sliding roller system has an easy and smooth run.

In addition to the gates for automobile checkpoints, the Company manufactures posts for traffic lights, metal lighting  and video surveillance towers.

The П-shaped posts are installed on the embedded parts of a specially made band-and-column type foundation. The reinforcement, weight, and depth of the foundation are determined from the geological data of the construction site.

Underground part of the sliding gates:

The base for the sliding gates is a structural channel fixed on concrete pillars located under the ground. This channel is a support for the sliding part, so it is very important to fix it securely on a stable base.

If the dimensions of a sliding gates exceed the overall dimensions of the vehicle body, they are installed on special metal slipways and transported in the diagonal position.

Transport of sliding gates
Transport of sliding gates
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Nikolay Gubarev
13 May 2018

I had to find high-quality, durable and inexpensive gates for the company site within a short period. Among all possible options I decided to choose the sliding structure. I was very pleased that I could choose a product with an automatic drive. I am very grateful to “EGOZA” for high quality of its products.

Irina Kutsabova
24 April 2018

We ordered sliding gates from “Egoza” for construction material depot in Ekaterinburg. No problems have been  noted in the operation, the workmanship is very high. There was just a slight misunderstanding when we were making the order. We didn't know that we could place an order for the standard version. But, fortunately, the sales manager helped us in time, and we could save money.

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17 September 2018
Is it possible to make the non-automatic sliding gates operate automatically?

In the production of electric gates, our Company makes the necessary structural elements of the automatic opening in advance. For example,  a gear rack is pre-installed and adjusted, and mounting seat are prepared for the installation of a specific electric drive that is included in the delivery set. The end user only needs to properly install the gates on site. As for the existing non-automated gates, you will need the services of a locksmith and electric welder to make it automatic.

07 December 2017
Hello! Please tell me whether there are standard solutions for making foundations of the sliding gates? If yes, we would like to get acquainted with the arrangement and the recommended dimensions.

Hello, Olga! Yes, there are standard solutions for building foundations of the gates manufactured by the “Egoza” Works. The underground part is not universal, and it is manufactured depending on the overall dimensions of the sliding gates, taking into account the characteristics of the ground and the depth of its freezing. An example picture is available at .

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