About Company

About Company

Alexander Zemlyanitsyn

Alexander Zemlyanitsyn

General Director of the enterprise, Honored Builder of the Russian Federation, Candidate of Technical Sciences:

«We ensure the safety of many vital facilities in our country. Our customers are nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power stations, state district power stations, thermal power plants, water protection and environmental services, communication facilities, oil and gas production, processing facilities, facilities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Armed Forces of Russia, the Ministry of Justice and units of the Border Troops. Along with this, our products are also used to protect civilian objects: warehouse, industrial buildings and structures, factory sites, private buildings.»

Limited liability company “Egoza”, being part of the group of companies “Russkaya Strategiya”, is the biggest manufacturer in Russia of the advanced physical protection means for perimeter security and metal piles since 1992. The company occupies a strong position in the domestic market, has a powerful engineering and technical potential. We have a team of highly professional specialists. A modern production base is located on the territory of the enterprise, and we have a network of representative offices and installation divisions on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

representative offices and installation divisionsrepresentative offices and installation divisions

The company is specialised in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of steel protective fences and piles of various designs. We design our products for various climatic zones - including the most severe. All our products are made according with the requirements of current regulatory documents.

For over 25 years of working, we have earned a reputation as a reliable partner and supplier. The main principle of our work is incessant professional development and the desire for leadership in the industry. Now our company is one of the leading industrial componies in Russia. We are the largest producer of modern engineering protective perimeter systems in the Ural region.

engineering protective perimeter systemsengineering protective perimeter systems

We provide a lot of companies in Russia, the CIS countries and neighboring countries with modern systems of perimeter security. Our products are supplied to the large companies of the fuel and energy sphere, oil and gas production, distribution and facilities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Armed Forces of Russia, units of the Border Troops of the Russian Federation, facilities of the nuclear complex and ROSATOM, water protection and environmental services, communications facilities, storage and industrial objects, transport facilities including airports and airfields.

The main advantages of the company are:

  • An integrated approach to solving problems of perimeter protection and a consistently high quality of products. We always use several variants of technical solutions in one project. We always organize complex deliveries of products including all components which is necessary in project. Also we offer solutions with a fast-built pile foundation, which is gaining high popularity in the field of construction.
  • Our company has a technical control department which ensure high quality and reliability of products, so we can get you extended warranty periods. It is one of the main factors of success in competition for sales markets.
  • We always introduce new technologies and expensive European equipment to improve our quality and productivity. The high quality of our products is regularly checked by accredited laboratories and confirmed by certificates of conformity of products and quality management systems.
Delivery of metal fences

The quality management system ISO 9001 has been implemented and certified in our company since 2008. Due to the new release of the international standard ISO 9001 we launched an internal project to switch to a new version of the standard at the end of 2015. There were introduced and revised some processes and documents. From 23 to 25 may 2017 the company conducted a recertification audit by TUV International Rus LLC - TUV Rheinland / Berlin-Brandenburg Entrepreneurial Group which confirmed the fulfillment of the requirements of the new standard ISO 9001: 2015 “Quality Management Systems. Requirements."

The scope of the new ISO 9001 certificate was not changed:

  • production, supply and installation of engineering and technical means of protecting objects from unauthorized entry;
  • production, supply and installation of steel screw piles.

All products are certified by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology and have certificates of conformity with GOST (DIN) R. We have all necessary permits for work which affect the safety of dangerous, technically difficult, unique and other capital construction projects issued by a self-regulatory organization.

Installation of metal mesh fences and barbed wire

We have an extending geography of geography of implemented projects. Some of them which are related withe the reconstruction of various infrastructure facilities are being implemented in difficult climatic and soil-hydrological conditions, including permafrost. One of them is the "Surgut State District Power Station-2".

The "Egoza" brand is one of the most recognized companies in the field of perimeter security. We are the sole copyright holder in Russia for the "Egoza" trademark. Therefore the quality of the products under this brand is under the special control. Keeping the brand is not an easy task, but we are doing an excellent job as a recognized Russian leader in this field during the 25 years.

The goals of the enterprise are to maintain leadership in the design and manufacture of engineering protective perimeter fences, expand the range of services and geography of supplies.

In 2017 we celebrated our twenty-fifth anniversary.

  • 25 years is a whole era nowadays.
  • 25 years is an indicator of the stability and success of a company that has not changed its name, has maintained unity and increased experience, range and quality of products. It was evidenced by the trust of several thousand consumers from the construction industry and the security sector, whose quantity is constantly growing.

We would like to express gratitude to our customers and regular partners for your trust and support. Because of your support we are firmly moving forward and intend to maintain our primacy in the future.