Swing Gates

Swing Gates

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Driveway width, mm
от 2000 до 10000
Gate height, mm
от 1300 до 2700
Wing profile
60х40х2; 60х60х2
Post profile
60х60х2; 80х80х2
Topaz panel; pipe 20x20x1.5; metal sheet; profiled sheet; PKLZ
Electric drive
Came; Doorhan; Nice; An-Motors;
zinc+ powder-polymer; hot zinc
any acc. to the RAL catalog
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The “Egoza” Works offers metal swing gates at an affordable price. Various sizes and profiles of the wings of finished products, customized designs, with reliable electric drives Doorhan, An-Motors, Came, Nice; installation in Moscow, Chelyabinsk, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and other regions – these are some of our advantages.

Swing gates


Swing gates are the fencing structure that can open one and/or two wings outward or inward. Besides the wings, the fencing structure may provide a wicket for people's access.

To install swing-type gates, you need to level the ground in front of and/or behind the wings for their unobstructed opening. 

Installation of swing mesh gates. Pre-installation and checking the levels.

The wings equipped with an electric drive open automatically or manually from the security lodge or from the incoming/outgoing vehicle. To protect the structure from damage, as well as to prevent false triggering, the wings can be additionally equipped with sensors for detecting obstacles: photocells or magnetic loops.


Swing gates with a wicket are used to control and restrict access of people and vehicles to the protected industrial, commercial, and administrative facilities. The structure can be installed at the entrance to enterprises, factories, docks, warehouse complexes, etc. Often, the structures are installed at the entrance to the courtyards of residential buildings (both apartment and private), countryside associations, cottage settlements.

Gates and wickets of the Topaz series are used to arrange the entrance at petrochemical enterprises. The engineering structures of the company are included in the Register of main types of products of the Public Joint Stock Company Transneft, they are also supplied to the facilities of Rosneft, Lukoil, Sibur and other oil companies.

Gate with a wicket for a chain link fence system


Metal swing gates with wickets manufactured by the “EGOZA” Works have the following advantages:

  • Large selection of designs. Wings of various profiles and sizes (mesh and grid) equipped with an electric drive, any location of the gates and the direction of opening. Non-standard customized execution is available. Powder-polymer painting in any color according to the RAL catalog.
  • Durability. Steel posts with a thickness of at least 2 mm, frame pipes with a thickness of 1.5 mm, galvanizing with a powder-polymer coating for corrosion protection make the gates resistant to adverse environmental conditions and durable.
  • Attractive price for metal products. Buying from direct manufacturer means that orders are free from additional charges. Deliveries to Chelyabinsk, Moscow, other regions of Russia, installation according to a standard or individual project, warranty for all the products – these are your additional benefits.

You can order the designing project for the gates – our design and estimate office will offer an optimal solution taking into account the requirements of the technical specifications, your wishes and budget. We provide technical maintenance of fences and complex structures at public and private facilities.

You can contact our specialists if you have any questions by phone +7 800-200-94-95 Call us!

Swing gates are metal with a mesh panel. The oversized 3 x 6 meters.

Servicing Pattern

Order creation

Placing order and payment


Shipment and delivery

They can be manufactured with different filling of the wings. The most popular solution is the Topaz welded panel.

Swing gates can be made in the form of a grid filled with a 20x20 square-profiled pipe or round pipe, or filled with a profiled sheet, as well as without filling for the purpose of subsequent finishing with the customer's materials, for example, wood.

The gates are equipped with a locking device that allows to join and fix the wings in one plane, as well as places for the installation of an electromechanical locking device (EMLD) of the “Balzat”type. All elements are galvanized and painted with powder-polymer paint.

At the request of the customer, the gates can be fitted with a swing wicket (gate with a wicket).

The gates are classified by the type of opening:

  • inward
  • outward
  • outward and inward

Swing gates are supplied with:

  • Gate wing – 2 pieces;
  • Post for concreting or on the flange. Number of posts included in a set – 2 PCs. At the request of the consumer, the gate, which includes posts with flanges, can be supplied with anchor bolts to attach it to the foundation;
  • Hinges. Mechanism responsible for opening and closing the gate: standard 25 mm pivot;  adjustable hinge («European» pivot or hinge);
  • Locking bar (door bolt, latch or button), lower locking bolts, eyelets for a padlock, plate for a rim lock;
  • Lock: padlock, mortise lock, rim lock, locinox;
  • Mechanical door closers;
  • Corbels and overhang fencing made of “Egoza” barbed wire – flat or spiral security barrier, or mesh panel.

Depending on the customer's requirements, gates can be equipped with various types of access control devices and technical security means:

  • intercom, electromagnetic or electromechanical lock;
  • platform or installation box for an entry phone or intercom device;
  • position sensors of the wings;
  • cable channels (ducts) and pipes for laying cable communications under the road;
  • electromechanical drive (electric drive).

To install the electromechanical drive, the swing gates are equipped with special brackets and control devices. The functionality of the set is checked at the manufacturing enterprise.

The type of climatic modification of the gates is intended for the boreal climate according to GOST 15150-69 including the influence of the following factors:

  • relative humidity up to 80% at 25 °C;
  • operating temperature range from minus 40 °C to plus 50 °C;
  • rain intensity up to 40 mm/h;
  • wind speed in gusts up to 30 m/s;
  • ice crust with a wall thickness not exceeding 5 mm when the wind is up to 10 m/s.

Coating and Color:

  • zinc and powder-polymer, additional coating – zinc-rich base coating;
  • hot-dip galvanizing

Color: any color acc. to the RAL catalog depending on the customer's requirements, hot-zinc coating is available.

Standard colors: RAL 5005, 5015, 6005, 7035, 7040, 8017, 9003, 9005, 9011, 9016.

It is also possible to apply coating of any other color according to the RAL K7 color catalog, which contains more than 200 colors and shades.

At the consumer's request we are able to manufacture wickets in non-standard sizes which are different from standard models.

For transportation, the swing gates are placed on pallets. Cardboard pads are placed between the posts, as well as between the posts and the wings of the gates. Wickets and gates are secured on the pallets using packaging polypropylene (polyester) tape.

packing of swing gates

The ends of the packaging material are fixed with adhesive tape to the pallet. Then, at the corners of the pallet, protective corner pads made of pressed cardboard are installed, finally the package is wrapped with plastic film.   

The number of film layers depends on the film type and is determined by the manufacturer.

If the dimensions of a swing gate exceed the overall dimensions of the vehicle body, it is installed in special metal slipways and transported in the diagonal position.

Swing gates Swing gates

The gates as part of the fence are installed on posts; if there is required technical reasoning, the design provides for an underground part made of reinforced bars, which is embedded in concrete.

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14 May 2018

The warehouse means constant movement. To simplify the entry and exit into the territory, I decided to install a reliable and durable swing gates. The required structure was found in the “EGOZA” Company. The gates appeared  to be formidable, which inspired confidence. The convenient design greatly simplified the operation process. At first sight, its appearance was a little confusing, but functionality of the gates and its affordable price compensated for everything completely.

Petr Evgenievich
29 March 2018

We recommend our customers to  install swing gates by “Egoza” at all their facilities. The quality has been tested for years. They may be installed at low-cost facilities, in cottage settlements, and in the courtyards of private houses. There are no complaints from the customers. As for me personally, the possibility to order the goods together with the delivery and installation was a pleasant surprise, the option, which   was missing before.

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25 September 2018
What is the difference between linear and lever drive?

The difference between such drives lies in the principle of their operation. The lever drive for the swing gates has an elbow type lever, which is driven by a gearbox. The linear drive that we install  has a gearbox that rotates the worm gear, and the automatic gates are opened due to elongation and shortening of the rod. Both types of electric drives are equally reliable.

26 December 2017
Good afternoon! I am looking for swing gates with a wicket. That is, the wicket must be built into the gate wing. Do you manufacture such products?

Hello, Sergey! We produce swing gates with built-in wickets. What height and width of the gates and wicket are you interested in? Filling with a mesh, grid or profiled sheet?

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