Concertina Wire Security Barrier (SBB) «Obereg» Ø1700 мм ("Bars")

Concertina Wire Security Barrier (SBB) «Obereg» Ø1700 мм ("Bars")

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Barrier diameter
1700 mm
Coil length
12,5 m
Spiral turns per meter
Number of clips per spiral
Core wire diameter
4 mm
Spring wire GOST (DIN) 9389
Barb, thickness
0,5-0,55 mm
Blade material
Galvanized thin steel sheet band GOST (DIN) 14918
Clips, diameter
3 mm
Clips specification
Low carbon steel wire in compliance with GOST (DIN) 3282
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“Egoza” works of perimeter fencing is the only producer of SBB «Obereg»® (SBB «Bars»). «Obereg»® is our new registered trademark and an upgraded version or the popular and reliable product SBB «Bars» reflecting its intended application. SBB «Obereg» is enhanced concertina security barrier of a big diameter, manufactured of 4mm spring wire. «Obereg» concertina security barrier is a continuous circular coil of barbed tape ASKL, 1700 mm in diameter, with adjacent loops clipped together. When deployed (stretched) looks like a barbed ribbed cylinder equal to the height of an average adult.

Such barbed wire type to be delivered in coils. Coil length 12.5 m (deployed).  

Two adjacent clips space - 400 mm. Spiral turns per meter - 5.

The main application of «Obereg» - ground installation.

«Obereg»® is a registered trademark subjected to RF copyright regulations. The owner of the trademark is “Russkaya Strategiya” (“Egoza” Works) Trademark Certificate No. 655158.


- fencing of buffer zones of important facilities (industrial areas, airports, warehouses, energy facilities etc.);

- temporary mobile fencing of construction projects;

- fencing on swampy soil where installation on foundation is impossible or economically inefficient .


SBB «Obereg» to be installed

- on the ground as a self-supporting structure

- on a frame of metal rod F16 and F12 mm.

 «Obereg» concertina security barrier

-as an integral part of Mobile security barrier «Obereg» on a holder frame for rapid deployment and removal and transportation. 

 «Obereg» concertina security barrier

Material specification:

Material specification for “Egoza” wire:

  • Core wire for SBB «Obereg» - 4mm steel carbon spring wire, GOST (DIN) 9389. At the customer’s request core wire is available either galvanized steel rope wire, GOST (DIN) 7372 or galvanized spring wire, GOST (DIN) 9389

  • Reinforced barbed tape - 0.5 mm-0.55 mm galvanized thin sheet steel, GOST (DIN) 14918

  • Ø3.0 mm - galvanized low carbon steel wire, GOST (DIN) 3282.

Environment Conditions:

“Egoza” wire:

  • relative humidity up to 80% at 25°С;

  • ambient temperature varies from minus 65 up to plus 70°С;

  • wind speed of gusts up to 50 m/s;

  • rain intensity up to 40 mm/h;

  • exposure to dust, frost and snow.

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