Gates, Wickets, Boom Barriers

Gates, Wickets, Boom Barriers

Own production of gates and wickets.

The “Egoza”Company has its own production of various types of entrances, such as wickets, swing and sliding (cantilever type) gates. Depending on the Customer's needs, the entrance can be equipped with automatic controls and other access control devices. .

The gates are always in motion, which means that they undergo high dynamic overloads, and, of course, to provide a long service life, it is very important to use only high-quality materials and pay much attention to the design of the gate. Our company has its own Design Bureau with modern technique and software, employing highly qualified specialists. Raw materials and components for production of the gates are carefully selected and undergo strict incoming inspection.

The gates form an integral part of the fence and an essential element of the perimeter protection. The gates provide for high risk of unauthorized access, their security requires comprehensive and careful approach, installation of modern locks and latches, lighting systems, automatic controls, alarm systems, video surveillance.

Sliding or Swing Gates?

Which type is better – swing or sliding gates? It is impossible to say which one is better, because each type of gates has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Swing gates – are a classic universal option, their quality and reliability have been tested over time, although the overall design has remained unchanged: one or two wings are hung on supporting posts by means of hinges and are opened in or out manually or automatically. The advantages of the swing gates are: reliability, simple and prompt installation, wear-resistant design. The disadvantages: the need for free space to open the wings, this area needs being constantly cleaned of snow in winter.

Sliding gates (cantilever gates) – this is an advanced and more complicated design option. The leaf of the gates does not open, but moves on the rollers to the side. Therefore, the main advantage of the sliding gates is saving space in front of the gate, so they can be installed in a space-limited area. In addition, the sliding design is very durable and easy to maintain. The most efficient and convenient option is using the sliding gates with automatic controls. The disadvantages of the sliding gates: first of all, higher price and more complicated installation of sliding gates.

The selection of the type is based on the conditions of the installation site and the customer's preferences, as well as on the conditions of the operation. However, both sliding and swing gates can be equipped with automatic controls, and remote control can also be provided.

Installation of Gates, Wickets and Entrances.

Regardless of the type and configuration of the gates, it is better to entrust the installation to the professionals who have all required permits for construction work, their own installation teams, appropriate skills and are aware of all the nuances of the work. The swing gates are easier to install, the most important stages are accurate measurement of the opening, reliable installation of load-bearing (supporting) posts and correct installation of the wings on the hinges (without skewing). The sliding gates require serious concrete work when installing the basic frame, adjusting the system of rollers, limit stops and guides of the gate shield.

The “Egoza” Company has its own installation teams that will promptly and properly perform installation on a turnkey basis.

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