Reinforced barbed tape AKL and ASKL

Tape AKL and ASKL Egoza

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Core wire diameter
2,5 mm
Core wire specification
GOST (DIN) 9850, spring wire GOST (DIN) 9389 or rolled steel - GOST (DIN) 7372
Blade, thickness
0,5-0,55 mm
Blade material
Galvanized thin steel sheet band GOST (DIN) 14918
Coil length
350 m
Coil dimensions
950х200 mm
Coil weight
27 kg
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“Egoza” Reinforced barbed tape s galvanized tape with razor-sharp barbs formed on steel wire. It is designed for protection of property and security fencing of any kind. It is often accompanied with video surveillance system. “Egoza” Works is the leading producer of AKL barbed tape in Russia.


Tape AKL (crimped) and ASKL (twisted) is manufactured from top quality carbon steel spring wire, which is galvanized to insure excellent performance properties. The barbed strip can be either clinched or twisted around the steel core wire. It demonstrates high deterrent properties. It is difficult to destroy it with cutters. It can course serious harm to a would-be intruder.

Additional hardness and resilience is due to reinforced steel core wire. Zinc alloy coating prevents from corrosion and prolongs intended operation life.


AKL and ASKL tapes show excellent properties:

  • perfect resilience;
  • long life time;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • rapid deployment and removing;
  • attractive price.

Barbed Wire Application

Reinforced barbed tape provides an effective security barrier for various sites. It is used to manufacture fences and fencing structures in combination with intrusion control systems. Such steel product is applied to secure:

  1. private areas;
  2. industrial sites;
  3. airports;
  4. nuclear power plants and other facilities.

Barbed wire ASKL and AKL “Egoza” is recommended for flat and concertina hard-to-penetrate security barriers of specific diameter and other fencing. To order the product manufacturing at our plant on a reasonable price, please, contact our representative offices in Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, St.Petersburg, Miass, Ufa, Tyumen ad other cities.

The product is delivered in coils by retail or wholesale. We provide design and fabrication of enclosing structures from high-quality materials, using advanced technologies and cutting-edge equipment. AKL and ASKL are proved by certificates of conformity and meet the standards of GOST (DIN) R 57278-2016 “Security Enclosures” and TU 25.93.12-016-99293177-2016.

The company’s Quality Department provides strict quality control to ensure excellent serviceability of the product. Contact our stuff on the telephone number given on our website to make order and to discuss pricing, scope of supply and delivery time. Delivery to all religions of Russia and abroad.

AKL is used to manufacture a wide range of concertina security barriers: AKL-450, AKL-500, AKL-600, AKL-900, AKL-955.

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19 December 2017
Hello! I am going to install barbed wire fencing at a civil facility. Could you provide me with cost calculation for barbed wire installation on a combined fencing (metal/reinforced concrete). The perimeter of the facility is about 250 meters. What is the price for installation services? Concertina wire and angle sections have been bought. Otherwise, what is the price per meter? Thank you in advance.
11 October 2017
What is the difference between AKL and ASKL tapes?

AKL stands for Reinforced Barbed Tape. This is a special profile galvanized tape, 0.5 mm thick, with double-edged sharp barbs arranged symmetrically on both sides. The tape tightly covers a galvanized steel rope wire of 2.5 mm in diameter. AKL is fabricated by wrapping the barbed tape over the core wire. ASKL stands for Reinforced Twisted Barbed Tape, similar to AKL, a galvanized tape with barbs is used, but in this case, it does not wrap the steel core wire, but twists around it. Today, AKL tape is considered more advanced, widely spread and reliable.

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