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Panel/section height
from 330 to 3000
Panel/ section width
up to 3200
Mesh width
50; 100 mm
Mesh height
50; 100; 150; 200; 230; 260
Structural rigidity
V-type curved shapes
Own department engaged in transportation makes it possible to deliver the Company products to all places in Russia, to the CIS countries and other foreign countries.
Supporting posts made from shaped tube
60х40, 60х60, 80х80 and our.
Protective coatings
Protective zinc coating ; zinc coating + polymer-based powder paints; hot dip galvanizing
Steel bar diameter
4; 5 mm
Production lead time depends on the season and the workload. Our sales managers are ready to inform you more precisely on the issue

Standard colors

Available by RAL catalogue
Prices of the fences most popular with the customers
Description Data on the performance Price per linear meter
3D fence 3D fence "Тоpaz-Econom". Height – 1.93 meters. Welded panel mesh 50х200 mm, rod diameter 4 mm; post 60х40х1,5 for concreting Set of fasteners 40х40. Protective coating: zinc coating + polymer-based powder paints according to RAL 1439 RUB.
3D fence 3D fence "Тоpaz ". Height – 1.93 meters. Welded panel mesh 50х200 mm, rod diameter 5 mm; post 60х60х2 for concreting . Set of fasteners 40х40.Protective coating: zinc coating + polymer-based powder paints according to RAL 2006 RUB.
*The information on the site is not a public offer (article 435 Civil Code of RF). Prices depend on the delivery volume, supporting components, perimeter configuration and do not include the costs of delivery.
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Advantages of 3D Fences

Fence sections are particularly resistant to the external influence.

V-type curved shapes of the fencing net are employed in 3D fencing, for their attachment additional horizontal bars are used. Such curved shapes may be located in different places of one and the same section.

Extended service life

Metal chain-link fence is made from galvanized steel. When the welded structure is finished polymeric composition is applied on the fencing net and on the welding points.

The fences are easy to install.

Welding gear or any special equipment and tools are not required for installation. Anyone can easily install the chain-link fence.

Modern design

We offer fences of different colors and shades which tie up harmoniously with the environment.

Accessories for this product
Image Name Dimensions, mm. Price per unit / m, RUB.  
Supporting post 80х80х2 From 685 To order
80х80х3 To order
80х80х4 To order
60х60х1.5 From 545 To order
60x60x2 To order
60x60x3 To order
Polymeric cover cap 60х60 From 35 To order
80х80 To order
Mounting flange   From 150 To order
Galvanized clip 80х40х2 From 40 To order
40х40х2 From 32 To order
Concertina fencing «Еgoza»   From 83 To order
Twisted binding wire «Еgoza» Diameter 1.6 mm From 2 To order
U-type bracket from steel angle piece L32х32х4 From 350 To order
L40х40х4 To order
U-type bracket from steel channel 60х32х4 From 460 To order
L-type bracket from steel channel 60х32х4 From 230 To order
L-type bracket from steel angle piece L32х32х4 From 286 To order
L40х40х4 To order

Servicing Pattern

Order creation

Placing order and payment


Shipment and delivery

The fencing «Тоpaz» is a sectional structure, each section consists of:

1. Welded panel with V-type reinforcing ribs, made of transverse and longitudinal bars , linked by contact welding in each crossing point.

Mesh pitch:

  • longitudinal bars 200 mm, transverse bars 50 mm (see product range);
  • longitudinal bars 150 mm, transverse bars 50 mm (see product range);
  • longitudinal bars 50 mm, transverse bars 50 mm:
  • longitudinal bars 230 mm, transverse bars 55 mm
  • longitudinal bars 200 mm, transverse bars 100 mm

The bars are made of galvanized low carbon steel wire galvanizing class 1 of diameter 4 or 5 mm GOST (DIN) 3282-74, on the customer’s request the wire of diameter 3; 4; 4,5; 4,8; 5; 6 mm may be used.

On the customer’s request we may deliver the panels of width up to 3100 mm with the transverse bar pitch from 50 mm to 300 mm and longitudinal bar pitch from 150 mm to 300 mm.

2.The fence posts are made steel galvanized shaped tube grade 08ps GOST (DIN) 8639-82, GOST (DIN) 8645-68 with the following dimensions : 40х60х2, 60х60х2 or 80х80х2 mm, with welded flange 140х140х4 mm when installed on concrete/piled foundation or without welded flange when embedded in concrete.

The posts may be made from square, rectangular and round steel tubes from ferrous metals with application of the two-layer protective coating : the base layer - zinc –rich primer and the second layer - polymer-based powder paint (RAL colors)

Posts with flanges, intended for installation of fences of height 2000 mm and more, have additional elements in the form of plates welded in-between the flange and the tube to increase the strength of the structure. Flanges, gussets and fastening elements are made of hot-rolled steel plates of thickness 4, 5, 6, 7 mm of grade St3sp GOST (DIN) 10705-80.

3. P-clips are made of galvanized steel of grade 08ps GOST (DIN) 14918-80 of thickness 2 mm. The clips are intended for attaching the panel to the post.

4. Polymeric cover cap, intended for protection of the interior of the post from precipitation. Optionally the post may be terminated with welded metal cover plate.

Set of fastening elements

  • U-shaped clip
  • Self-tapping screw with hexagonal head, with pressing disk and twist bit 6,3 х 32 DIN 7504 К

On the customer’s request the screws may be replaced by vandal-proof fastening which prevents the fence disassembly, for example by steel breakstem rivets 4.8*18 DIN 7337 or bolts М 6 х 90 GOST (DIN) 7805-70 with nuts М 6 GOST (DIN) 15525-70 and washers C 6 GOST (DIN) 11371-78 or inner hexagon screws.

Quantity in one pack 50 pcs. , increase up to 60 pcs. is possible
Pack height 700 mm.
Number of packs in a row, in height not more 4 pcs.
Loading mode Side and rear loading (forklift truck) or top loading (crane)

The panels are placed on the tray in the quantity of 50 pieces. The panels are fastened in several points with polypropylene (polyester) tape. Shielding angles from pressed cardboard are put t the tray corners. And finally the packaging is wrapped with polyethylene film.
Упаковка сетчатых панельных ограждений Упаковка сетчатых панелей

The number of layers of the film or paper depends on the type of the material and the manufacturer. The Company reserves the right to change the packing type without deterioration of its consumer properties.

The items with standard overall dimensions (2430 mm on the side) are transported on semitrailers. If overall dimensions of the panel fencing exceed the permissible dimensions they are transported on special metal assembly stands after proper packing as specified above.

Упаковка сетчатых ограждений на стапеле Погрузка сетчатых ограждений в еврофуру

On the customer’s request we perform packing in accordance with the requirements of the GOST (DIN) state standards.

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«StrouTransSouz» Ltd, Chelyabinsk
07 May 2018

In autumn 2017 our company purchased metal sectional fencing with polymeric coating from “Russkaya Strategiya “ Ltd.  with the purpose of security protection of the Ice Stadium  in Yuzhnouralsk,  and  Ishmuratova Biathlon & Ski Complex in Zlatoust. Particularly we would like to note  the high level of professionalism , excellent quality of the delivered products and prompt execution of the order. Thanks to the complete compatibility of the assembly parts our erectors  managed to perform installation of the fencing quickly and far before schedule. We recommend that you purchase the products for protective  barriers  from the Company “Egoza”.   We are grateful to your Company specialists for the efficient and professional assistance and active involvement in execution of the said projects! Director General R.A. Azamatov.

Zinnurov R.R.
10 April 2018

We are working with “Russkaya  Strategiya “ Ltd. for about 5 years, we sell chain-link fences and gabions in Ufa. The Company staff always demonstrates professionalism and friendly attitude and offers efficient and profit-making solutions for solving any problems.  With best regards  R.R. Zinnurov Director of «FasadTsentr» Ltd.

«Vetrikal» Ltd, Tyumen
10 April 2018

During five years already limited liability company “Vetrikal” cooperates fruitfully with the Tyumen representation office of the group of companies “Russkaya Strategiya”. In August – September of  2017 the metal chain-link fencing with the overhang protection from barbed wire “Egoza” was installed  around  the  perimeter of the protected area  Your company showed itself as a reliable partner.  Installation of the fencing “Topaz”from metal net was performed rather promptly , I don’t think I have ever seen the installation crew work fast and this hard. The warranty period for the installation works under the contract is two years. And the warranty period for the products manufactured by “Egoza” Works is even more, 10 years. After installation of the fencing “Topaz” all attempts of the unauthorized persons   to gain access to the protected area fall through. Thanks for the hard work.  Director General  S.А.Shukis

PSK-11, Tyumen
10 April 2018

This is not for the first time when limited liability company “PSK-11” works with the group of companies “Russkaya Strategiya” and we have positive experience. We have purchased from your Company considerable quantity of metal fencing, wicket doors for passageways and sliding gates fitted with electric drives. I would like to thank your Company for prompt response in tackling all matters. All orders, even those for client specific equipment,  are always  attended to. We would like to note high quality of the delivered items. We can see that the specialists of the group of companies “Russkaya Strategiya”are charged with corporate spirit and the end result is really important to them. We recommend chain-link fencing “Topaz” made by “Egoza” Works when you need to ensure security at large. Director General  N.V. Shabalina

Ltd SK «Yuzhnaya Korona», Chelyabinsk
06 April 2018

Limited liability company SK “Yuzhnaya Korona” expresses its gratitude for delivery of the perimeter net fencing. During two years of the cooperation your Company demonstrates itself as a professional and reliable partner. We hope to continue our mutually profitable cooperation. Director S.L.Kim

Ltd «SvetEgineering», Chelyabinsk
03 April 2018

Limited liability company “SvetEgineering” would like to thank your Company for prompt delivery of metal fencing to the restricted access facility in the Orenburg Oblast.  Your staff was particularly responsive and offered quick solutions of all issues arising in  our work , such approach is the evidence of high professionalism of your staff. We appreciate the excellent quality of the 3D fence which we purchased from your Company. We recommend company “Russkaya Strategiya” as an executive and reliable partner. And hope to continue our partnership.   А.D.Koksharov

28 February 2018

I would recommend. I have purchased chain-link fence in Ekaterinburg. I suggest you do the same. The coating quality is good and  I am quite happy about the price.  No problems with installation and delivery.

Valery M. Grebenyuk
09 January 2018

I bought in “Egoza” Company  75  meters of chain-link fencing of height 1.7 for my country house. The quality is excellent. Supereasy to put together like LEGO. I really appreciate professional approach, politeness and friendliness.

Pozdnyakov А.А.
15 November 2016

Limited liability company “Dalypromstroymontazh” extends appreciation to the management and working team of company “Russkaya Strategiya” for timely delivery and   high technical  quality and workmanship of the  equipment intended for perimeter security of  the facilities of   RAO “Energy Systems of the East”» (PJSC “Kamchatenergo”, JSC “Sakhalinenergo”,JSC “DGK”, and the branches of PJSC RusHydro (JSC “Burejskaya HPS” and “Nizhneburejskaya HPS”). The equipment complies in full to the quality requirements. “Dalypromstroymontazh” recommends company “Russkaya Strategiya” as a reliable partner  for the projects related to safety and perimeter security . Director General  А.А.Pozdnyakov

Alexandrov V.G., Mysnik G.F.
08 November 2013

JSC “Airport Roshchino” is engaged in fruitful cooperation with “Egoza” Company  (Miass, Chelyabinsk Oblast) for ten years already . In August and September of 2011 limited liability company  “Egoza” conducted works on making the protective perimeter of  the  parking areas for “Airport Roshchino” using  metal fencing “Topaz”. “Egoza” Company demonstrates itself as a  professional and reliable partner. Installation of the fencing “Topaz” at the facility was conducted quickly, with good quality and guaranteed maintenance. After installation of the fencing “Topaz” all attempts of unauthorized persons   to gain access to the protected area fall through. We can see that the specialists of  group of companies “Russkaya Strategiya”are charged with corporate spirit and the end result is really important to them. We are sure that metal chain-link fencing “Topaz”, made by  “Egoza” Company,  is the best opportunity to ensure safety of any facility. We appreciate your work  V.G.Aleksandrov, Deputy Director for Aviation Safety.

Ask a question All questions
09 January 2018
Does the panel fencing or chain-link fence protect form intrusion in case of digging under or making underground passage?

To rule out the possibility of digging under you may install  fencing with  the digging –in penetration  into the ground by  30-50 сm.  The design of the posts and panels makes provision for such opportunity. And the anticorrosion protective coating is resistant to corrosion even when the structure is buried in earth.

04 January 2018
Is it possible to move the 3D fence to another place? And how can one do this?

Yes, it is possible.  Standard fastening gear for 3D fencing “Topaz”provides for prompt and easy installation of the fence panels without welding. The fences may be taken to pieces, moved to another place and installed there without any mechanical deterioration. However, if the fence posts are embedded in concrete or if vandal proof fastenings (nuts or breakstem rivets ) are used, then this will make things more difficult .

25 December 2017
I live in Surgut. I want to buy metal 3D chain-link fence directly from the manufacturer. 1. Do you  sell retail? May I order 20 meters of fencing? Please specify what should I do to buy?  2. What components and attachments shall I order to make up the complete set? 3. What are your delivery  terms ?

1. Yes we do, we sell to the individual consumers. Minimum order quantity is one section.  Everything is simple: we discuss the requirements for the fence , then we issue the invoice for payment  and you effect payment  in the nearest bank.  And then we do all the rest of it. 2. One section comprises  supporting post (for concreting in the borehole) or on the flange (to install on the foundation or pile) + chain-link panel  + clips  for attaching the panel to the post (number of clips depends on the fence height). 3. We are ready to deliver the ordered items to any place in Russia.

20 December 2017
Hello! I need to make fence around my kitchen garden : 40 meters and gates.  I browsed your site, however, could not understand what is the price. I prefer some option which is not too expensive. Please inform on the price and delivery time.

Hello! The low cost option is welded metal net fencing (mesh 100 х 200 mm), bar diameter – 4mm, fence height 1530 mm. We are ready to give you reply by e-mail and specify the price and delivery terms.

18 December 2017
Do you manufacture fences in Russia or bring them from Europe and China? We are from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and we need 3 kilometers of your panel fencing. Is it possible to make delivery to us in container? What is the price? Is it possible to place the fencing on the screw piles?

Dear Mikhail! Thank you for your question! We manufacture chain-link panels for fencing in Russia using the up-to-date equipment. Our production facility is located in Miass (Chelyabinsk Oblast). We have created logistical system which provides for transportation of the items in containers both in Russia and abroad including the hard-to-reach regions. The price of panel fencing depends on a lot of factors, particularly, height and length of the section, mesh size, bar diameter and others, certainly, it is possible to place the fencing on the screw piles. “Egoza’ Works is a complete-cycle manufacturer, including production of metal screw piles. We supply the fencing system all elements of which (panels, posts, fastening, screw piles) are fully compatible and if required you can order spiral safety barrier “Egoza” to be installed on the top of the fencing. Waiting for your order!

15 October 2017
Hello!  What is the procedure for installation of the supporting posts of the fence with embedment in concrete. Thank you in advance for your reply!

When the support posts are embedded in concrete it is required to drill holes of diameter  250mm and more to the required depth (the depth depends on the geological and geotechnical conditions of the site). The posts are leveled using the leveling instrument and the projected height is checked by the gauge tape. Use retainers to keep the posts in the proper position. For concreting use concrete of grade В15 or higher. Place the plastic cover.cap onto the post. The center distance is determined by the chosen width of the panel.

10 October 2017
Do you render services on a turnkey basis? What is the warranty period for the installed fences?

“Egoza” Works is able to perform installation of the security fencing in due time and with high quality. The warranty period is 18 months in case of installation of the fencing by our specialists. Please get in touch if you want to obtain more detailed information: 8 (3513) 257-333, or

Servicing Pattern

Order creation

Placing order and payment


Shipment and delivery

Compliance Certificate for Perimeter Security Fencing  (467 KB)
Installation of 3D Fencing on a Slope , Drawing   (36 KB)

Attachment Options for Chain-link Panels "Тоpaz"   (49 KB)
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