Troitskaya GRES

Troitskaya GRES

01 June 2018
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Object: Troitskaya GRES g. Troitsk of the Chelyabinsk region
Type of purchase: Delivery
Implementation date: June 2017-2018
Perimeter Length: 5 kilometers Troitskaya GRES
Troitskaya State District Power Plant is one of the most powerful base suppliers of electricity to the South Urals. The station is located in the industrial triangle Yekaterinburg-Chelyabinsk-Magnitogorsk, which is characterized by a steady increase in consumption and high volatility under network constraints. The total installed capacity is 1,400 MW.

Parts of the section: 

  • Welded chain-link mesh panel height 2430 mm., width 3000 mm., mesh 50х200, bar diameter 5 mm
  • Post 80х80х2 height 3500 mm. for embedding in concrete in the made boreholes
  • Additional overhang fencing made of concertina wire security barrier diameter 500 mm., 6 spiral turns per meter, 5 clips per spiral 

The entrance: 

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