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PSK-11, Tyumen
10 April 2018

This is not for the first time when limited liability company “PSK-11” works with the group of companies “Russkaya Strategiya” and we have positive experience. We have purchased from your Company considerable quantity of metal fencing, wicket doors for passageways and sliding gates fitted with electric drives. I would like to thank your Company for prompt response in tackling all matters. All orders, even those for client specific equipment,  are always  attended to. We would like to note high quality of the delivered items. We can see that the specialists of the group of companies “Russkaya Strategiya”are charged with corporate spirit and the end result is really important to them. We recommend chain-link fencing “Topaz” made by “Egoza” Works when you need to ensure security at large. Director General  N.V. Shabalina

PSK-11, Tyumen

LLC "ETK Supply", Moscow
09 April 2018

We express our gratitude for the efficiency in solving the issues of supply of metal mesh fences! Business relations with the company began in July 2017, when welded panels and gates were ordered for equipping LUKOIL facilities. The customer was very satisfied! I liked the approach of employees to work-despite the high season, the products were manufactured and delivered to the customer's facility in a short time. We note the high quality of our products. The equipment provided everything necessary for quick installation: panels and fence posts, a set of fasteners - the Assembly took minimal time. LLC ETK Delivery recommends Egoza plant as a reliable and professional partner and supplier of modern 3D fences.

LLC "ETK Supply", Moscow

LLC "MPP AIM", Moscow
06 April 2018

Our cooperation with LLC "Russian strategy" at the construction site of Troitskaya GRES has left a very favorable impression. All the tasks assigned to Your organization have been successfully completed. The obligations assumed by the company under the contracts for the supply of 3d fences "Topaz" and barbed wire SBB 600 were fulfilled in full. We look forward to further cooperation and recommend Russian strategy LLC as a reliable partner for construction projects. CEO Avagimov A. S. LLC "MPP AIM", Moscow

LLC "MPP AIM", Moscow

Baibikov Robert
06 April 2018

LLC "Paspect" expresses our gratitude for the supply of metal mesh fencing, panel fencing, barbed wire. Your organization has proven itself as a professional and reliable partner during the time of working together. We hope for further long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. Director of LLC "Prospect" R.M. Baibikov

Ltd SK «Yuzhnaya Korona», Chelyabinsk
06 April 2018

Limited liability company SK “Yuzhnaya Korona” expresses its gratitude for delivery of the perimeter net fencing. During two years of the cooperation your Company demonstrates itself as a professional and reliable partner. We hope to continue our mutually profitable cooperation. Director S.L.Kim

Ltd SK  «Yuzhnaya Korona», Chelyabinsk

06 April 2018

“Russkaya Strategiya” delivered to us barbed wire "Egoza" . Reasonable pricing conditions for high-quality products were offered. Staff of the Sales Department of the Ufa representation office proved their competence by handling our order efficiently and quickly. All ordered goods were delivered in due time. We will be happy to continue further cooperation!

05 April 2018

We would also like to express our opinion. “Russkaya Strategiya”, being our long-term partner supplying SBB, AKL, security panels and other products since 2017,  has proved to be a reliable and responsible supplier providing quality products in accordance with the specified requirements. I would like to note rapid response containing all necessary information and flexible system of discounts.

Ltd «SvetEgineering», Chelyabinsk
03 April 2018

Limited liability company “SvetEgineering” would like to thank your Company for prompt delivery of metal fencing to the restricted access facility in the Orenburg Oblast.  Your staff was particularly responsive and offered quick solutions of all issues arising in  our work , such approach is the evidence of high professionalism of your staff. We appreciate the excellent quality of the 3D fence which we purchased from your Company. We recommend company “Russkaya Strategiya” as an executive and reliable partner. And hope to continue our partnership.   А.D.Koksharov

Ltd «SvetEgineering», Chelyabinsk

Petr Evgenievich
29 March 2018

We recommend our customers to  install swing gates by “Egoza” at all their facilities. The quality has been tested for years. They may be installed at low-cost facilities, in cottage settlements, and in the courtyards of private houses. There are no complaints from the customers. As for me personally, the possibility to order the goods together with the delivery and installation was a pleasant surprise, the option, which   was missing before.

28 February 2018

I would recommend. I have purchased chain-link fence in Ekaterinburg. I suggest you do the same. The coating quality is good and  I am quite happy about the price.  No problems with installation and delivery.